TC Helicon Perform V Review

TC Helicon Perform V Detailed Product Review (March 2021)

Updated - March 1, 2021

In this article, we’re going to be discussing the TC Helicon Perform V, which is a compact, stand-mountable vocal processor, primarily used by singers and vocalists looking to add a range of effects such as reverb, echo, eq to their sound.

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However, before diving right into the product specifics, let’s talk a little more about the company TC Helicon, and what makes them a great vocal processor manufacturer.

TC Helicon has been around since the early 2000s and was actually acquired quite recently by the company Music Tribe, who is the parent company to brands such as Midas, Behringer, Bugera, Klark Teknik, and Turbosound.

They are renowned for being one of the leading pioneers within the field of vocal effects processor design and production, with such successful product lines as the VoiceLive and VoiceTone Series, which have set the gold standard for other companies to follow.

With all that being said, we’ve heard good things about the TC Helicon Perform V vocal processor, and so we wanted to create a product review for our readers, especially those who want a mic-mountable unit.

We have arranged this review article in a format which not only discusses the Perform V’s features and functionality but also to include high-quality images and demonstration videos of the vocal processor in action.

Therefore, we ‘re confident that once you’ve read this article, you’ll have a well-rounded insight into whether or not the Perform V is suitable for your needs.

So, let’s begin discussing the TC Helicon Perform V:

TC Helicon Perform V Detailed Product Review
  1. TC Helicon Perform V - Provides an easy-to-use experience and a lot of functionality for the price


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TC Helicon Perform V

TC Helicon Perform V

  • ✔ Hundreds of pre-made sounds to choose from
  • ✔ TC Helicon App to program Perform V with new presets
  • ✔ Auto-chromatic pitch correction
  • ✔ Has a built-in microphone
Provides an easy-to-use experience and a lot of functionality for the price
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TC Helicon are known for producing easy to use products, and the Perform V does not disappoint in this area.

Let’s talk about the specific controls:

The unit has all of its main controls located on the front of the interface, making it easily accessible for vocalists during a performance.

On the left, we have the Double, Reverb and Echo buttons, which each provides 4 types of the effect. Not only this, but you can hold the buttons to do further editing to these default effects.

On the top, we have a ‘Set’ button, to engage automatic microphone input gain, allowing for a very easy mic setup. Additionally, there’s a ‘Tone’ button, which engages TC Helicon’s Adaptive Tone functionality, which essentially allows the unit to automate the use of EQ, Gating, Compression, and De-Essing based on your voice.

Next to the ‘Tone’ button, we have the ‘Anti-Feedback’ button, which as you can imagine, engages an algorithm to automatically prevent feedback from occurring. This is especially useful if you’re a solo performer and you have your speakers positioned behind where you’re singing from, which would usually cause feedback, but not with the Perform-V.


And then on the top right, there’s a ‘Pitch’ button, to engage auto-chromatic pitch correction, and a ’48v’ button, to activate phantom power, to power a condenser microphone.

On the right side of the TC Helicon Perform V interface, there are three buttons which can be used to assign your customized presets, which you can integrate from the TC Helicon Perform V mobile app (available for iOS and Android).

At the bottom, there is a ‘Talk’ button which disengages all effects, to allow for vocalists to speak to the crowd in-between songs, without any distracting vocal effects being heard.

Located on the back of the interface are all of the connectivity ports, including (from left to right), a power input jack, mini USB input for device updates, an auxiliary input, a port for an external pedal, and finally 1 x microphone XLR input & 1 x microphone XRL output port.

In addition, the Perform V can be used in a more, hands-off approach, with its ability to integrate with the TC Helicon MP-75 microphone or the MCA100 Mic Control Adapter, to convert any microphone. All of these solutions allow for external ‘Mic Control’, so you can roam around the stage whilst engaging and disengaging effects.

Also, there may be times when a hand-operated vocal effects unit is not ideal, i.e when you have an instrument in your hand, and because of this, you can add a ‘Switch-6‘ accessory foot pedal to let your feet take control instead.

Main Features

  • Mic-mountable vocal processor
  • TC Helicon App to program Perform V with new presets
  • Hundreds of pre-made sounds to choose from
  • Doesn’t require WIFI or Bluetooth
  • Has 4 x Double, 4x Reverb, 4 x Echo types as default
  • 3 customizable preset storage locations
  • HIT function to build intensity in your performances
  • Auto-chromatic pitch correction
  • Adaptive Tone feature, for automated EQ, Compression, Gating & De-Essing
  • Anti-feedback algorithm works in the background
  • Has a built-in microphone
  • Provides 48v phantom power
  • Ability for remote control, using MP-75 & Switch-6 (explained below)
  • Designed and built in Canada
  • 3-year warranty program


  • The unit features bright lights (behind the buttons), and although this increases the visibility, it also can be a little distracting at times if you have sensitive eyes… if only there was a dim button.
  • Mic stand clip that comes with the unit is small and may be difficult to fit onto some microphone stands.

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