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The Best Electric Guitars for Effect Pedal Compatibility The Best Electric Guitars for Effect Pedal Compatibility

For many folks, after their guitar and amp/sound card purchase, the next investment will be pedals. Whether that means individual pedals, or increasingly, multi-effects units. These units are becoming favored options for a few reasons. First, technology is now at the point where digital effects can rival traditional pedals for sound quality. Second, they take […]

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Do I Really Need a Delay Pedal? Do I Really Need a Delay Pedal?

The simple answer is usually yes. If you've ever performed a solo set, you'll probably agree that having more tonal depth takes your sound to the next level. The delay pedal is one of the most under-appreciated effects in the world of guitar and bass. The truth is that most players don't realize how much […]

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Where To Place A Boost Pedal? Where To Place A Boost Pedal?

Boost pedals are, again, an easy way to increase the signal gain of your signal chain. The pedal is designed to boost the signal going through your pedalboard, on it's way to an amp. The whole idea is to create a situation where you're boosting the signal going to an amplifier or effects preamp. So […]

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Can You Daisy Chain Audio Interfaces? Can You Daisy Chain Audio Interfaces?

There are many different ways to work with multiple audio interfaces. And as for daisy-chaining, you can do that. However you need a good setup that is stable and that plays well with audio interfaces. Daisy chaining audio interfaces is a technique that allows you to have multiple audio interfaces connected simultaneously to your computer. […]

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Are Wah Pedals True Bypass? Are Wah Pedals True Bypass?

Wah pedals are pedals that slow down your guitar signal and give it a wah-wah sound. They're used by most rock and metal guitarists. The wah pedal will take over the guitar's signal, basically making the guitar's sound a lot like a wah-wah pedal. Not all wah pedals are true bypass, some are buffer bypass. […]

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How Does A Reverb Pedal Work? How Does A Reverb Pedal Work?

A reverb pedal is a popular effect pedal used on guitar amplifiers and electric guitars. It is used to simulate the effect that is caused by a room's reverberations. The pedal usually consists of a simple spring-loaded enclosure with electronics mounted inside. The enclosure usually has a tube or steel chassis with a volume control […]

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How To Set Up Multi Effects Pedals How To Set Up Multi Effects Pedals

Multi effect pedals are a great way to bring the expressive power of a guitar or bass right up to your amp or mixer. But setting up multi effect pedals is a process that can be difficult for those who have never attempted it. So here is a multi effect pedal setup guide. It covers […]

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How Do Overdrive Pedals Work? How Do Overdrive Pedals Work?

An overdrive pedal (or OD pedal) uses a tube to enhance or add distortion to the signal. It is often used with electric guitars and bass guitars to produce a wide range of sounds. Overdrive pedals are typically used to produce overdriven tones by simulating the boosting of gain on an amplifier. What Is An […]

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Who Uses Octave Pedals? Who Uses Octave Pedals?

If you have ever played guitar, then you know about octave pedals. These devices allow you to play a note on your guitar and the note will be duplicated an octave up. Allowing you to play the same note with different shapes and sounds. But why should you use them if you already have a […]

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How To Make A Fuzz Pedal Sound Good How To Make A Fuzz Pedal Sound Good

Whether you're looking to get rid of unwanted noises with your guitar effects pedals. Or just need to improve their tone. There's nothing like adding some fuzz to the mix. But what exactly is a fuzz pedal? And how do you know which one is the best? What Is A Fuzz Pedal? A fuzz pedal […]

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