The Best Multi Effects Pedals On The Market

Top 10 Best Multi Effects Pedals On The Market (June 2024)

The Best Multi Effects Pedals On The Market (June 2024)

If you're looking for the best pedals for guitarists, you should carry on reading. We've compiled a list of all the best, highest rated, best multi effect pedals on the market.

Trying to choose the best pedal for your needs can be challenging. We've simplified the process with this buyers guide. Finding the best pedal can be a daunting task. It takes hours of research, asking other musicians for recommendations, and trying out every pedal possible to find the one that will work for you. With all of this time invested into finding your perfect pedal, it's frustrating to realize that you may have missed out on what could have been your favorite pedal.

More and more guitarists are using multi effect pedals because they allow them a variety of options to create their perfect sound. This also means that there are a lot of musicians that have no idea what the different effects really do.

We have hand selected a list of pedals from the best brands out there, so you don't have to go through all the trouble of searching endlessly. We have everything from beginner-friendly effects, as well as more complex professional grade ones, so you can find the one that's perfect for you.

The Best Multi Effects Pedals On The Market Buyers Guide (June 2024)

  • 1. Line 6 POD HD500X
  • 2. MOOER GE300
  • 3. Line 6 HX Stomp
  • 4. BOSS GT-100
  • 5. Zoom G5n
  • 6. BOSS ME-80
  • 7. Line 6 Amplifi FX100
  • 8. MOOER GE200
  • 9. DigiTech Element XP
  • 10. Zoom G3Xn
Line 6 POD HD500X Image

Line 6 POD HD500X

  • ✔ Huge Array Of HD Amps & Effects
  • ✔ Professional Grade Backlit Footswitches
  • ✔ Built In Tuner
  • ✔ 48 Second Looper

The Line 6 POD HD500X floor guitar pedal is the ultimate tone palette for players who want to define their sound on their own terms.

Line 6 POD HD500X - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

A guitarists best friend, this multi-effects pedal has the virtual rack of gear that lets you instantly craft the tones and textures of your dream sound. Get HD sounds and effects with this highly flexible, easy-to-use guitar multi-effects processor.

The HD500X is the flagship expression of the revolutionary POD HD Series, delivering a collection of world-class guitar tones- including the revered original model, the revolutionary HD500, and the coveted POD 2.0- in a single intuitive interface. The HD500X offers tone-tapers with the warmth and musicality of vintage recording equipment, a host of effects and amp-simulators, and a vast collection of high-quality guitar and bass tones.

One of the biggest reasons that so many musicians are using the HD500X is that it is so easy to use. Unlike other multi-effect pedals, you don't have to spend hours reading manuals to figure out how to use it, or fiddling with multiple knobs and buttons. Instead, you simply plug it in, and start playing.

This is a high-definition 500-series guitar preamp complete with an effects loop and dual headphone amps. It's also the sole BIAS-enabled hardware processor in the industry. The Line 6 POD HD500X has been designed to work with virtually any amplifier and any instrument. The HD500X was created to make the process of playing guitar easier and more enjoyable.

It is one of the most popular multi-effects pedals in the market. It is designed to provide a one-stop solution for all your sound shaping needs. You can use our HD500X to play any genre of music you want. The product includes over 100 effects and amp models which you can tweak to your liking.

MOOER GE300 Image


  • ✔ 108 Preamp Models
  • ✔ 164 Effects
  • ✔ 43 IR-Based Factory Speaker Cab Models
  • ✔ 30 Minutes Loop Station

The MOOER GE300 is a very good effects pedal that delivers the goods. It is simple to use and a good choice for beginners and advanced guitarists alike.

MOOER GE300 - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

The GE300 is a multi-effect pedal combining delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, pitch shifter and more to provide the ultimate in versatility. With its simple yet versatile tone controls, the GE300 is perfect for taking your sound from bold to beautiful.

With the Ge300, you get the most realistic simulation of a tube amp, which is the result of Mooer's innovative analog circuit design and careful attention to detail. In addition, the Ge300 also has an integrated compressor, which can be switched on/off with footswitch. To help you get the tone you want, this pedal has a knob for adjusting the wet/dry balance of the effect signal. The pedal's interface is designed with ease and functionality in mind, and the quality is top-notch, thanks to the use of high-quality materials. All in all, the Ge300 is an excellent choice for both seasoned players and those just starting out.

It is an astounding device that gives you 300 different effects. It is equipped with true bypass, which means it preserves your tone when the pedal is turned off and is the perfect pedal for gigging. With this pedal, you can play with your effects and create the perfect tone for your music. The GE300 is easy to use and has an amazing sound.

The MOOER GE300 can be thought of as a pedal that has been engineered for the everyday player. It has a wide range of overdrive, distortion, tone, and modulation effects that all sound great and can be used in a wide variety of musical styles. The MOOER GE300 has a built-in noise reduction circuit to remove noise when the guitar is silent and an expression pedal to control multiple effects simultaneously.

Line 6 HX Stomp Image

Line 6 HX Stomp

  • ✔ Over 300 Effects & Models From Various Line 6 Products
  • ✔ Up To 6 Simultaneous Amp, Cab & Effect Blocks
  • ✔ 3 LED Ringed Footswitches
  • ✔ Features Presets Specifically For Bass Players

The Line 6 HX Stomp may be small but don't underestimate it's ability to pack a punch.

Line 6 HX Stomp - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

The Line 6 HX Stomp is the most powerful, innovative and easy-to-use multi-effect pedal. Equipped with a massive collection of presets, effects and amp models. This pedal will revolutionize the way you play guitar. With it, you can explore everything from the historic to the cutting edge by downloading new presets and effects, and building your own unique signature sound.

HX Stomp is packed with over a ton of effects, including a dozen amps, seven classic pedals, and much more. With this pedal, you'll never run out of new tones to explore. A unique and powerful stompbox that offers guitarists the ultimate in creative freedom—allowing them to sculpt and shape any sound from their imagination.

The Line 6 HX Stomp is an advanced guitar effects board that lets you turn your guitar and amp into a custom rig with a wide range of incredible effects all easily controlled with the included foot controller. The HX Stomp is a powerful tone machine ready to unlock your creativity onstage and in the studio. A massive collection of inspiring, ready-to-use presets are built in to get you started.

The HX Stomp is a great multi effects pedal for beginners and for guitarists who have been playing for years. Whether you want to strum it or shred it, this monster has you covered. The HX Stomp gives you the versatility of having a full effects pedal board at your feet. It may look like a small and compact pedal, but it delivers a huge range of tones and effects. You can use it as a standalone effects pedal, or you can hook it up to your computer via USB and use the free ToneCloud software to share your custom tones and download tones from other users. You can also use the HX Stomp to record audio and midi data to your computer. The HX Stomp is a very powerful tool for any guitarist.

BOSS GT-100 Image


  • ✔ 400 Memory Locations (200 User + 200 Preset)
  • ✔ 2 Illuminated LCD Displays
  • ✔ 38 Second Looper
  • ✔ Monophonic Guitar-To-MIDI Conversion

The BOSS GT-100 guitar amp effects processor is BOSS's top of the line model in the GT series. It's a formidable machine and well worth considering.

BOSS GT-100 - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

The BOSS GT-100 was designed from the ground up to be a powerful and versatile guitar processor, offering a wide range of great tones from BOSS's history of guitar sounds. So whether you're looking for classic overdrive, rich delay, stunning modulation effects, or the ability to craft your own unique sound, the GT-100 is the only choice.

With a thoughtfully laid out control surface, easy-to-use interface, and a comprehensive selection of BOSS effects, the GT-100 puts powerful tone creation capabilities at your fingertips, allowing you to express yourself with incredible freedom. This powerful processor combines amp modeling, effects, and digital recording in one streamlined, easy-to-use pedal. It features lots of amps, effects, songs, and studio-quality stereo modes.

The BOSS GT-100 is the ultimate gig-ready pedal. It's packed witheffects including distortion, compression, overdrive, modulation, reverb, delay and amp modeling. It also has a built-in BOSS operating system that allows you to create and save up to 100 patches. It houses some of BOSS' best effects from over 35 years of amp modeling and development. Thanks to the GT-100's versatile four-part structure, you can create any classic combo of up to four effects, plus enjoy a variety of other combinations.

The Boss GT-100 is world class. It is the ultimate tool for the working guitarist. It has 100 of BOSS' all-time best guitar effects, which have been carefully selected for their sonic quality, musicality, and usability. The GT-100 is the only multi-processor with dedicated footswitches for each section, providing easy, instantaneous access to all it's features. Now you can start playing your guitar and begin experimenting with the many effects this pedal offers. Experiment with every mode to see which ones you like best. Don't be afraid to get lost in the music and have fun.

Zoom G5n Image

Zoom G5n

  • ✔ 68 Digital Effects Plus 10 Amp & Cabinet Emulators
  • ✔ 100 Custom Crafted Effect Chains
  • ✔ Up To 9 Effects Simultaneously
  • ✔ Stereo/Mono Looper - Up To 80 Seconds

The Zoom G5n multiple effects processor with expression pedal delivers dozens of tonalities sure to please the most discerning guitarist.

Zoom G5n - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

The Zoom G5n is a world class multi effects pedal. It is designed to give you the ability to create soundscapes which are impossible to obtain with conventional guitar. The Zoom G5n gives you the ability to play music with the same ease as playing a video game.

Zoom G5n is an incredibly sophisticated multi effects pedal and is a professional-quality piece of equipment that is capable of producing a large range of sounds. The G5n transforms the way you play guitar. With 75 amps, cabinets, stompboxes, and effects, it's a revolutionary system that puts essential, world-class tone at your fingertips—with the revolutionary ZFX-IV™ modeling processor at its heart.

It packs the best into an exciting new pedal. The large full-color LCD display with LED backlight makes it easy to see your sound and effect settings. Dedicated knobs and buttons provide quick, easy and precise editing of any effects parameter.

Designed for guitarists of any level, the Zoom G5n Pedal offers the ultimate collection in an easy-to-use, on-the-go stompbox. With the G5n you can create any sound you want, with 100 effects and 100 amps. This pedal features a variety of effects, including distortion, compression, modulation, overdrive, EQ, delay, reverb, and more, with dedicated knobs for each effect. The unit's looper lets you create cool, one-of-a-kind sounds that can be layered or used alone as raw material.

You can get the most out of your Zoom G5n by using it with a variety of music pieces. You can use it to create a hard rock sound, a blues sound, or a classical sound. We recommend it for those who play blues, classical or rock and roll.

Overall a very impressive pedal. Exactly what we've come to expect from Zoom.

BOSS ME-80 Image


  • ✔ An Absolutely Massive Selection Of Effects
  • ✔ 38 Seconds Of Recording
  • ✔ Use 8 Simultaneous Effects At Once
  • ✔ 7 Pedals Configured For Both Preset & User Patches

The BOSS ME-80 is mobile, battery powered, and filled with a diverse selection of top-quality BOSS amps and effects. The ideal compact tone processor for performing guitarists.

BOSS ME-80 - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

Your guitar is a beautiful instrument, with the potential to sound and feel amazing. But until you add some effects pedals, it can be difficult to get that full-on tone that you want to create. That's why BOSS made the ME-80. It's a multi effects pedal that lets you add delay, chorus, phaser, flanger, wah-wah and more to your guitar in one easy step.

The BOSS ME-80 is a multi-effects pedal that lets you create amazing sounds with maximum ease. The ME-80 features 80 effects and amps, and is equipped with BOSS's renowned stompbox design and sound-modeling technology. With the ME-80, you can easily recreate classic guitar sounds or create new, original tones that will take your playing to the next level. The ME-80 is an amazing practice tool that allows you to play along with your favorite songs, and it's also a great way to start learning guitar.

It gives guitarists the freedom to create amazing guitar sounds from their pedalboard. It's a floor-based multi-effects unit packed with a comprehensive collection of BOSS effects, amps, and cabs, making it the perfect BOSS companion for stage or studio. It's also an ideal way to get started learning effects. It's a compact, reliable package that takes all the best sounds of the original ME-50 and packs them into an equally compact pedalboard. The ME-80 has more than a dozen essential pedals like Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Phaser, Compressor and more.

This pedal is a world-class, reliable, premium, professional, guitar effects pedals. It's ready for anything you throw at it. Just plug it in and let the world look at you and think "cool".

It is a powerful floorboard designed to provide a complete range of guitar and bass tones with maximum flexibility. Drive, modulation, delay, reverb, and other effects can be easily created by simply adjusting the appropriate controls. The expression pedal can be assigned to any effect parameter. You can even adjust the expression pedal behavior for each patch. The 4 footswitches on the front panel are easy to operate even while playing, giving you instant access to a massive range of tones. The BOSS ME-80 is suitable for guitar and bass

Line 6 Amplifi FX100 Image

Line 6 Amplifi FX100

  • ✔ Over 200 Amps & Effects
  • ✔ Automatic Tone Matching Technology
  • ✔ Stream Audio Via Bluetooth (Android, iOS, Mac Or PC)
  • ✔ Wireless Remote Control

The Line 6 Amplifi FX100 with automatic tone matching provides a fast and fun path to great tone, so you can tap into your creative zone and stay there.

Line 6 Amplifi FX100 - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

The Line 6 Amplifi FX100 packs tons of effects, amp models, and premium stompboxes into a rugged, road-ready unit that you can take anywhere. With the free Amplifi app, you can edit your sounds and share them with friends, or access tones crafted by artists and pro players. The amp modeling is the core of what the FX100 does, and it is top notch. It is so good, that it will sound like you are playing through a tube amp.  The FX100 is also compatible with the Line 6 FBV foot controller, which gives you even more control over your sound. The FX100 is an excellent value for the price.

It has everything you need to get started playing guitar and to become an inspiration to others. With 100 great-sounding presets and the ability to connect to your smartphone or tablet, the Amplifi FX100 is the ultimate way to get inspired, stay inspired, and keep making music. The Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100 is the ultimate portable guitar and bass multi-effects pedal. The AMPLIFi FX100 is packed with some incredible guitar and bass tones in one easy-to-use, compact pedal. There's no better way to get inspired, create your next guitar rig, or get the most out of your guitar and bass.

It's easy to use and comes with many pre-configured presets for different guitar sounds.  The product features a 6-button footswitch to change between presets.  It also features a USB port for software updates.  The product has an easy to read display that has a back light for easy visibility in dark environments.  It also comes with a power supply to help save you from buying batteries.

Line 6 has been designing and producing guitar devices for the past decade, and it has been considered one of the top brands for a long time. The Amplifi FX100 doesn't disappoint.

MOOER GE200 Image


  • ✔ 55 Amplifier Models & 10 Empty Slots
  • ✔ 26 IR Speaker Cab Models
  • ✔ 70 Effects & 40 Drum Patterns
  • ✔ 52 Second Looper

The MOOER GE200 contains an entire array of high quality digital effects.

MOOER GE200 - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

MOOER GE200 is a high quality multi effects pedal that is designed with guitarists in mind. If you are looking for a way to make your guitar sound stand out on a stage full of other guitars, you should consider using this guitar pedal.

Designed to bring you the ultimate fun of playing guitar, the MOOER GE200 has a variety of high quality guitar effects. It is a professional tone pedal with clean and transparent sound, and also it is an excellent choice for saving your money and space. Compact size and super-easy operation, no matter you are a beginner or a veteran.

It is a new multi-effect guitar pedal that delivers more fun and convenience than ever, also, you can add a pedalboard to expand the number of pedals. With an array of studio-quality effects at your fingertips, you'll be ready to rock gig after gig with pristine, crystal-clear sound. MOOER GE200 is very easy to use with simple controls. First, plug the power supply into the wall and plug the guitar into the input jack of the pedal. After that, you can adjust the volume with the volume knob and you can adjust the tone with the tone knob.

The GE200 has tons built-in presets, all based on classic guitar effects. It has a wide range of sounds, from classic stomp boxes to high-quality studio effects, and everything in between. MOOER is an up and coming company in the effects pedals market. Guitarists can create a wide range of unique sounds and tones.

The MOOER GE-200 is a great choice for musicians looking to add a compact, easy-to-use multi-effect pedal to their pedalboard.

DigiTech Element XP Image

DigiTech Element XP

  • ✔ 200 Presets - 100 Factory / 100 User
  • ✔ Built In Tuner
  • ✔ 45 Drum Patterns
  • ✔ 58 Effects - 12 Amps, 9 Cabinets & 37 Stomp Boxes

DigiTech Element XP is one of the most lucid and easy to program guitar multi effects pedals on the market.

DigiTech Element XP - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now
  • A/D/A Converter: 24-bit high performance audio
  • Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz
  • DSP Section: AudioDNA2™ DSP Processor
  • Simultaneous Effects: 9
  • Preset Memory: 100 User Presets (1-100) / 100 Factory Presets (F 1-F00)
  • Drum Machine: 45 Patterns

Your journey to create the perfect tone starts with the new DigiTech Element XP guitar multi-effect pedal. The Element XP gives guitar players everything they need to explore guitar tones and discover their own sound.

The DigiTech Element XP has 37 different pedals, 12 amps, and 9 speaker cabinets to choose from, a guitar tuner, and dedicated headphone jack so you can play all night long without waking the neighbors. Every Element XP comes with a power supply so you won’t have to waste your money on batteries. With 100 factory presets to build from, you can create and save up to 100 more custom presets as you go.

Kick on one of the undefined different drum tracks to play to jam to, with the touch of a button.

The Element XP is a compact and powerful multi-effect processor. Using a simple pedalboard style layout and editor you can quickly adjust the settings to fit your style. With more the undefined different effects to choose from, the hours flying by as you explore and discover the incredible power and tone of the Element XP. The Tone Banks and FX Bank each have 20 different tone and effects combinations so you can quickly and easily get any sound you want. It's like having a music store at your disposal. When you need some drums to play along with, choose from one of the undefined different drum and rhythm tracks. You can set the tempo to match you.

The expression pedal makes your performance more dynamic. Use it to control a Whammy™, wahs, or volume in real-time. Kick up the volume for your solo and back it off for the verse to keep. The Element XP features 1/4" a guitar input along with stereo 1/4" output jack that can be connected to either an amplifier or mixer for direct recording with a press of the Amp/Mixer mode that engages the internal speaker cabinets for direct recording. The Element XP has a dedicated headphone jack for practicing purposes and an Aux In to jam along with your favorite songs.

A strong favourite with current owners. Lots of positive feedback makes the DigiTech Element XP pedal an option you can't afford to ignore.

Zoom G3Xn Image

Zoom G3Xn

  • ✔ 70 Onboard High Quality Effects
  • ✔ 5 Amp Emulators & 5 Cabinet Emulators
  • ✔ Use Up To 7 Effects At Once
  • ✔ Stereo/Mono Looper - Record Up To 80 Seconds

The Zoom G3Xn is packed with a built-in expression pedal, realistic amp and cabinet emulators, an 80-second looper, and custom-created patches.

Zoom G3Xn - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

Musicians today are faced with a wide variety of guitar pedals on the market. The problem is that many of them are not reliable and tend to break easily. The Zoom G3Xn is a reliable and durable guitar pedal which provides a broad range of high quality guitar effects. The guitar effects include distortion, EQ, modulation, delay, reverb and more. It also includes a built-in tuner, looper and a drum machine.

The Zoom G3n Guitar Effects Pedal is the third generation of the Zoom G-Series Guitar Pedals with a newly developed GFX engine for great sound quality and a wide variety of effects. It gives you the essential tools to sculpt your tone and unleash your creativity with studio-quality sound and intuitive, hands-on control.

With a shed load of effects and amp models, the Zoom G3n guitar pedal is perfect for the touring musician or the serious guitar enthusiast.  With an extensive array of effects, this pedal will appeal to players of all styles, from blues to metal.  The G3n includes lots of Amp Models, Effects, and Amps, all of which are easily accessible from the front panel.  The G3n even uses a dual-processor engine to ensure that all of your sounds remain pristine, even when using multiple effects at once.  In addition to its extensive library of effects and amp models, the G3n is also compatible with the optional PCS-31 PC Board, which allows you to store an additional 100 patches on the pedal itself.

The new G3Xn from Zoom combines legendary Zoom quality with some of the coolest, most useful features ever seen on a multi-effect pedal. Ever want to capture a spontaneous moment of inspiration, or finish a band mix in minutes? Now you can do it with the G3Xn—and thanks to its new, drop-dead-gorgeous larger display, you can even see it!

More Information Regarding Multi Effects Pedals (2024)

What Is A Multi Effects Pedal?

Multi-effects pedals gather all the digital models of various vintage processors in one standalone package. The sound quality of modern-day quality multi-effects pedals is pretty convincing.

Multi effects pedals (MEPs) are a great choice for those looking to accommodate a large array of effects into their setup. There are some drawbacks in comparison to having an individual pedal for each effect. However for those who aren't looking for perfection there are plenty of MEPs out there that will fit the bill. For those looking for perfection the top end multi effects pedals get pretty darn close. Access to a stack of different effects is a huge advantage. Getting one of the best multi effects pedals for guitarists is a space saving, travel friendly option.

Why Get A Multi Effects Pedal?

Grab one of the best multi effects pedals and you can ditch your pedalboard and multiple pedals to enjoy a more streamlined setup. Some guitarists tend to skip the pedalboard and opt for a multi-effects unit. Owning a multi-effects pedal enables you to access a stack of different effects in one single unit.

Modern Technology

Multi effects pedals aren't what they used to be. Many consider a MEP as a secondary citizen to the specialist single pedals. Modern multi effects pedals however have grown in popularity with guitarists around the globe. They are more than capable of providing a useful array of sounds for most.

So whether you're new to the world of stomp boxes or you're a veteran looking for a new sound. MEPs could be the answer. They hold so many tonal modifiers that you're sure to find the right combination to take your sound to the next level. Spending your whole budget on a single effect can be risky if you're not entirely sure. Spending it on a multi effects foot pedal on the other hand is less risky. You get a good spread of effects for a cheap 'per sound' cost. It might give you the confidence to buy a standalone effects pedal after trying the sound out for yourself.


Since the birth of digital pedals, using processors to emulate analog effects, the multi effects has been possible. By combining several processors capabilities it's now possible to have a single pedal to create an array of sounds. Some MEPs provide far more than tone emulation. Some are able to emulate specific models of cabinet and amplifiers.

Many multi pedals come with built in loopers, giving you ample opportunity to layer the many different tones on top of each other. Many will double as an audio interface allowing you to record to your laptop or mac. This feature is slightly more 'high end' however for those that would make use of it. It means one less unit to carry around. As MEPs for guitarists get more and more complicated. Their interfaces evolve to give the user the best possible experience while interacting. Modern MEPs are sometimes equipped with bluetooth connectivity. Allowing you to connect the pedal to your phone. Using an application on your phone, you can make changes. As well as upload and download pre-configured setups to apply at will. If this catches on, it might be the new normal when it comes to interacting with MEPs. Acoustic and bass pedals may find their way onto the list. However we aren't focusing on them in this article.


Compared to the first generation of the late 80's, the modern day MEP is a different beast. New models are dropping all the time catering for a whole range of budgets. From the bargain value focused models through to the top tier flagships. We've analysed and reviewed a range of multi effects pedals for guitarists to enjoy. Hopefully our reviews and recommendations will help you find the right multi effect pedal for your style and circumstance.

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