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Best Vocal Autotune Pedals On The Market

Top 3 Best Vocal Autotune Pedals On The Market (September 2021)

The Best Vocal Autotune Pedals On The Market - 2021

We have found some great vocal processors that we think you should take a closer look at. These machines are designed to help amplify your vocal abilities. When all is said and done, the way you sound if the most important thing. Therefore we think you should take a look at our list, we hope it helps.

TC Helicon VoiceLive Play Image

TC Helicon VoiceLive Play

  • ✔ All-in-one vocal solution
  • ✔ A great option for someone looking for a single pedal
  • ✔ Over 200 vocal presets
  • ✔ Not battery operated

This pedal is truly an all-in-one vocal solution in every way.

TC Helicon VoiceLive Play - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

TC Helicon VoiceTone C1 Image

TC Helicon VoiceTone C1

  • ✔ Entirely dedicated to Pitch Correction/Autotune
  • ✔ Quick On/Off footswitch
  • ✔ Can be integrated with TC-Helicon MP-75 microphone
  • ✔ Cannot save specific presets

The VoiceTone C1 is dedicated entirely to vocal pitch correction.

TC Helicon VoiceTone C1 - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

The TC Helicon VoiceTone C1 is part of the voice tone range, which consists of Vocal Harmonizer Pedals such as the VoiceTone H1 and Vocal Reverb Pedals such as the Voicetone R1. The VoiceTone C1 is dedicated entirely to vocal pitch correction. The TC Helicon live autotune pedal has three rotary knobs on the front, controlling the ‘key’, ‘severity of tuning’ and ‘gender’.

The key refers to the musical key that the song is being performed in. The VoiceTone C1 also provides a CH option, which allows the user to plug a guitar/piano in (via 1/4” jack) and dictate the vocal key from the secondary input.

This is especially useful for songs which include key changes, since a song may change from key C to D, this means that the C1 would pick up the key change from the chords of the secondary instrument and make the appropriate pitch correction adjustments.

Finally, the C1 can be integrated with the TC-Helicon MP-75/76 microphone, the advantage of using this microphone is that it has a built-in control switch button, which remotely turns the VoiceTone effect pedals on/off. This means that you’re not restricted to one area of the stage, which is excellent for singers who are playing without an instrument.

TC Helicon Mic Mechanic 2 Image

TC Helicon Mic Mechanic 2

  • ✔ Compact, easy to use, can be simply controlled with your feet.
  • ✔ Offers almost the same professional level of delay and reverb as a studio setup.
  • ✔ Affordable and easy to use live.
  • ✖ Harmonizing is not an option on this model.

It won’t suit the electronic favouring artists who want that overly autotuned sound, but there are some impressive reverb and delay options here to electronically enhance your vocal.

TC Helicon Mic Mechanic 2 - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

The Mic Mechanic is a versatile little vocal processor with an amazing amount of features. There are reverbs, delays, auto tune options and you can also apply compression, a noise gate and EQ settings. The TC Helicon Mic Mechanic 2 subtly corrects any sharp or flat notes to the closest suitable pitch, this pedal suits an artist who wants to maintain a sound that’s as natural as possible. It’s ideal for singer-songwriters who play musical instruments such as the guitar or bass, as it looks and functions as a traditional stompbox pedal.

What Does a Vocal Effects Processor Do?

A vocal effects processor is an electronic tool that creates effects like echo, voice doubling, and reverb to assist your vocals when you sing. It allows you to change the character of your vocals on the go, with a simple touch of a button. It also permits you to adjust the sound of your voice. The vocal effects processor corrects the pitch of your voice immediately. The majority of them feature a harmonizer function that includes pre-recorded, harmonies, and loops to give depth to your voice.

The thing is, all these happen in real time as you execute. It sits between your microphone making use of the XLR input and, via its very own input and an additional XLR cord, it sends out signals to the mixing board or the PA system. The sent out voice signal is processed prior to it being sent out to the PA system. The gadget enables you to obtain that polished vocal quality you would obtain only in a recording studio.

Among its greatest advantages is that it permits you to improve your vocals in real time. If you are a solo performer, the vocal effects processor is a godsend. It can be used to imitate a backup vocalist or an audio engineer.

Who Needs a Vocal Effects Processor?

Anybody who performs live can make great use of a vocal autotune pedal. Purists might be up in arms at anything that would electronically alter a vocalist's voice. Lots even feel like it is cheating, although, plenty of famous, successful vocalists would have different viewpoints. You can make use of the vocal effects processor without you needing to seem like a robot or making your vocals sound digital.

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