Best Delay Pedals On The Market

Top 4 Best Delay Pedals On The Market Today (December 2021)

The Best Delay Pedals On The Market Today (December 2021)

Ask any experienced guitarist and they'll agree. Delay is one of the most important effects you can have on your pedalboard. Delay pedals are utilized by both rhythm and lead guitarists alike. They add new dimensions and layers to your riffs as well as intrigue and motion to your solos. From the early analog pedals through to the latest digital models. Delay has evolved into a cornerstone effect used by many. Let us help you find the best delay pedals available right now.

Types Of Delay Pedals

Delay comes in many different shapes, sizes and styles. Finding the right pedal starts with deciding which type of delay you're looking for.


Analog delay pedals, like many other analog pedals, rely on physical components to create their effect. These units usually use a 'bucket-brigade device' (BBD chip) to send the analog signal through a collection of capacitors. This produces a darker more diffused signal. This warmer tone is somewhat limited by the BBD chips inability to create very long delays. The analogs shorter delay range is a deal breaker for some. However if you can live with a shorter configurable delay range. An analog delay pedal could be exactly what you're looking for.


On the other hand digital delay pedals are able to create much longer delay sequences. This is because they do not use a physical circuit of capacitors to create their delay. Instead a digital delay is created by its 'digital signal processing' chip. The delay is completely fabricated. Therefore you can make the delay as long or as short as you want. This additional flexibility makes digital delay pedals very popular amongst seasoned and amateur players alike.


Sometimes all you need is a simple delay pedal and you don't want to take up precious space on your pedalboard. That's where the mini delay pedals come in. A mini delay pedal gives you a simple interfaced delay without the large footprint of a fancy alternative. Also, it's common for the mini delays to be cheaper than their larger counterparts.

The Purist Approach

There are many guitarists out there that will only use analog delay pedals. Although digital units come with many advantages, some purist guitar players are against converting their analog signal in order to use a digital pedal. This is one explanation as to why analog pedals are still so popular despite the digital advancements over recent years. That being said, we recommend you keep an open mind when comparing pedals. However if analog is your wheelhouse then we have collated our recommended options below.


There are many different types of delay pedals out there to choose from. If you're new to the delay effect then we recommend choosing a digital delay. This is because a digital delay is more configurable and easier to manage. If you've already got a delay pedal and you're looking for a new sound. Analog pedals are a great option. They are unique and full of character. Choosing to add an analog delay to your pedalboard can transform your overall tone. Taking your sound to a new level.

We've searched high and low to find you the best delay pedals in different styles and price ranges. Take a look below and let us help find the right delay for you.



The Best Delay Pedals On The Market Today Buyers Guide (December 2021)

  • 1. JHS Pink Panther Delay Pedal
  • 2. Boss DD-200
  • 3. Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal
  • 4. BOSS DD-8 Digital Delay Pedal
JHS Pink Panther Delay Pedal Image

JHS Pink Panther Delay Pedal

  • ✔ Digital & Tape Delay In One Funky Pedal
  • ✔ Mod1/Mod2 Toggle Switch
  • ✔ Features Tome, Mix, Ratio, Repeats & Dark Control Knobs
  • ✔ Bright Pink Cute Metal Chassis Design

With the JHS Pink Panther Delay guitar effects pedal, JHS stayed true to their goal of bringing you a highly versatile, simple, and unique line of delay pedals. And they succeeded.

JHS Pink Panther Delay Pedal - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now
  • Digital setting is hi-fi and clean with plenty of headroom
  • Tape setting adds saturation and compression to mimic vintage tape delays
  • Side-mounted switch is protected from accidental changes
  • Tonal control for nailing every delay sound you need
  • Dark control removes highs for a warmer delay timbre
  • Mod 1 is a subtle shimmering effect
  • Mod 2 is a darker and more intense modulation of your delay repeats

Anyone who follows JHS pedals will be familiar with the original Pink Panther Delay. Loved by guitarists for its hypnotising textures and crisp, detailed tones, the success and availability of the Pink Panther was unfortunately short lived after the chipset used in it became obsolete. Only a hundred models were produced before it was discontinued. Nearly 10 years after the original model was released, JHS announced a reissue of their coveted and seemingly forgotten pedal. So here we are.

The JHS Pedals Pink Panther is back! This unabashed digital delay draws its roots from our very first delay pedal, way back in 2007-2008. Staying true to our goal of bringing you a highly versatile, simple, and unique line of delay pedals, JHS outfitted the Pink Panther with a Tape Delay setting, tap tempo, modulation, and enough control to make it your go-to delay pedal on any gig. When it comes to the JHS Pink Panther, the saying, 'What’s old is new again' seems fitting. But then again, the Pink Panther never really gets old.

There’s an ambient beauty in the pristine repeats of a digital delay pedal that just can’t be found anywhere else. Likewise, there is pure magic in the tone of a vintage tape delay. JHS see no reason to make you choose between the two. The Pink Panther Delay’s side-mounted Digital/Tape switch takes you from crystal-clear washes to saturated and compressed goodness.

Whether you lean on the Pink Panther for its digital or its tape-like voice, JHS put enough tonal shaping on board to ensure you find your sound. A simple turn of the Dark knob removes highs from the repeats, helping your original tone stay on top of the mix. And with two modulation voices available, ’80s shimmer and old tape warble are just a flick of a switch away.


"The original Pink Panther was one of the early JHS pedals in our line and was the first JHS delay pedal dating back to 2007-2008. The new Pink Panther is now the continuation of our delay line, and it embraces our goal to bring you a highly versatile, simple and unique line of delay pedals.

The original 2007-2008 era rare/original units sell used for upwards of $500, so we thought it was time to go back to the drawing board to bring you what we consider the ultimate JHS reissue nearly ten years later. While the Panther Delay (large box, silver) and Panther Cub V1.5 (smaller box, teal) offer up authentic and genuine bucket brigade analog goodness, the Pink Panther takes a different approach: unashamed digital processing.

Some of our favorite delay pedals ever made are early digital delays like the Boss DD-5, Ibanez DE7, DDL and the DOD DFX9. We think that the Pink Panther tips its hat to those units that replicate, effect and mold your guitar tone into something that only digital delay can.

With a small footprint, loads of features and a simplistic user experience, we believe the Pink Panther is the diamond heist you have been looking for!"


Boss DD-200 Delay Effects Pedal Image

Boss DD-200

  • ✔ Twelve versatile modes provide a wide range of delay types.
  • ✔ Fast, easy operation with hands-on control.
  • ✔ Real-time panel setting and save four memories for storing favourite sounds.
  • ✔ Phrase looper with up to 60 seconds of saved recording time.

The Boss DD-200 offers super-versatile delay effects in a compact pedal.

Boss DD-200 Delay Effects Pedal - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

Impressively compact, the Boss DD-200 is a performance-ready delay and looper pedal designed for guitarists and bassists who want to explore new sonic territory. This stompbox offers the essential features of a delay and looper, and it's packed into a streamlined chassis for easy integration into your live or recording setup. In addition to the 1-second delay time, the DD-200 also provides 40 seconds of looping time.

The DD-200 is the successor to the industry standard DD-5, taking things to new heights of excellence. The DD-200's maximum time is increased to 12 seconds and features a dedicated Feedback Level control for creating the sonic landscape of your dreams.

It is a stereo digital pedal that features Boss' most advanced Delay/Echo technology. Delivering all the time-based effects you'd expect from a Boss pedal. This compact pedal is designed to add just the right amount of delay, and it comes equipped with features such as an LED that shows the effect time and Tap Tempo.

The Boss DD-200 Digital Delay pedal is the premier choice for guitarists and bassists who want the world's best algorithms in a compact pedal. Giving guitarists of all skill levels an easy way to add stunning effects to their music. With 200ms of delay time, the DD-200 is the ideal pedal for adding rhythmic effects to your music, while a high-quality digital algorithm and 12 different effect types provide a wide variety of tonal options. The DD-200 also features some handy extras, including an aux pedal input that lets you incorporate your own effects, as well as a tap tempo function and a delay/hold function that lets you create dramatic repeats that build into a crescendo. The DD-200 is great for creating everything from slapback echo to long, multi-second effects.

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal Image

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal

  • ✔ A Trusted Pedal That Has Dominated For Over A Decade
  • ✔ Hold Mode - Up To 40 Seconds Of Recording
  • ✔ Analog Delay Mode - Models Classic BOSS DM-2 Sound
  • ✔ BOSS 5 Year Warranty

The Boss DD-7 Digital Delay guitar effects pedal might not be the latest in the range any longer but it is by no means a pedal to be overlooked.

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now
  • Expanded delay time, up to 6.4 seconds
  • Modulation Delay mode offers natural, chorus-type sounds
  • Analog Delay mode models the classic warm BOSS DM-2 analog delay sound
  • Tap tempo controllable via external footswitch
  • Delay time, feedback, and effect level can be controlled via external Expression pedal (sold separately)
  • Up to 40 seconds of recording for sound on sound (Hold mode)
  • BOSS five-year warranty

Even with the best-selling delays in compact-pedal history, BOSS continues to push the envelope and innovate. The DD-7 takes the best features from its predecessors and expands the creative potential with Modulation Delay mode, classic modeled Analog Delay mode, External pedal control options, longer delay time, and more.

The Boss DD-7 Digital Delay pedal gives you incredible digital delay and modelled analogue delay for incredible, dynamic performances. You can also make use of up to 6.4 seconds of delay time. The DD-7 also has an external expression and tap tempo input, allowing you to control the overall effect level or delay time remotely, whilst playing, further adding to the DD-7’s versatility as a creative and performance tool.

If you’re looking for a simple delay pedal that’s easy to use, doesn't take up a load of pedal board space, and is still packed full of all the most important modern delay pedal features. Although it's not the latest in the lineup, you can get it at a more affordable price than ever before. The DD-7 is the pedal for you.

BOSS DD-8 Digital Delay Pedal Image

BOSS DD-8 Digital Delay Pedal

  • ✔ 11 Digital Delay Modes
  • ✔ Built In Looper Offers 40 Seconds Of Recording Time
  • ✔ Supports External Control - Foot Switches Or Expression Pedals
  • ✔ BOSS 5 Year Guarantee

The BOSS DD-8 Digital Delay guitar effects pedal is the most advanced BOSS compact series delay ever made.

BOSS DD-8 Digital Delay Pedal - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now
  • The most advanced BOSS compact series delay ever
  • Eleven versatile modes include basic digital delay, vintage echoes, shimmer, mod, looper, and more
  • Looper offers up to 40 seconds of recording time, overdub capability, and three-pedal operation with external footswitches
  • Three newly developed delay types: Warm, +RV (delay+reverb), and GLT (rhythmic delay)
  • Up to 10 seconds of delay time available with tap tempo input
  • Carryover switch sets whether delay trails continue or stop when the effect is bypassed
  • True stereo I/O and three selectable output modes (independent, panning, and wide stereo)
  • Smart I/O jacks support a variety of connection setups (mono, stereo, wet/dry, wet only, and more)
  • Support for external control with two footswitches or an expression pedal
  • Unique Twist function available in each delay mode via an external footswitch
  • BOSS five-year warranty

Introducing the DD-8, the most wide-ranging and feature-rich BOSS compact series delay ever. This loaded pedal delivers more of everything—more great sounds, more delay time, more control options, and more connectivity. And it does it all in a standard BOSS pedal that slides easily into any mono or stereo setup. Eleven modes provide delay colors from basic to exotic, plus a looper with unlimited overdub capability and external control support. For maximum versatility in a minimum amount of space, there’s no better delay stomp than the DD-8.

Equipped with a diverse selection of delays, the DD-8 packs impressive sonic range into one small pedal. Clean digital delays, vintage analog and tape types, and modulation echo are available, plus specialty delays like shimmer and reverse. There’s a new Warm type for softer echo tones, and a +RV type that blends delay and reverb together. Warp is perfect for dynamic ambient textures, while the new GLT type is great for glitchy rhythmic effects.

The DD-8’s extensive real-time delay options help bring your music to life. You can tap in tempos with the onboard pedal switch, and control the Warp and GLT modes for unique expressive effects. Adding one or two footswitches unlocks more creative possibilities, like on-demand tap tempo, extended looper control, and a cool Twist effect for soaring echo sounds. Alternately, an expression pedal can be used for continuous control of level, feedback, or delay time—or all of them at once.

The DD-8’s inputs and outputs have smart functionality, allowing you to set the pedal for any application simply by connecting cables in different ways. A variety of mono and stereo connections are supported, including discrete dry and effect outputs for wet/dry setups. It’s even possible to defeat the dry signal entirely, perfect for delay-only blending in a parallel effects loop.

Everything sounds bigger and better in stereo, and the DD-8 delivers with full stereo I/O support and your choice of three output modes. The default independent mode provides linked parallel delays on the left and right channels, allowing you to maintain the true balance of stereo input sources in the effect sound. There’s also a panning mode for ping-pong delay effects, and a wide stereo mode for enhanced spatial depth.

Overall the DD-8 shows the direction BOSS are taking their digital delay pedals. With the new features there's no end to your creativity with the versatile Boss DD-8 delay pedal.

More Information Regarding Delay Pedals (2021)

What Is A Delay Pedal?

In essence, a delay pedal is a device that a snippet of an audio signal and repeats it. These repeats are usually at evenly spaced intervals. This repeating sound can occur once or any number of times. This is controlled by a delay pedals feedback controls.

The delay pedal is one of those pedals a guitarist shouldn't be without. It a versatile effect that's easy to use and offers a variety of delay types, delay time & delay sounds. The best delay pedal is a very personal decision. However the best delay pedals on the market vary between both analog delays and digital delays.

What Type Of Delay Pedal Is The Right Choice?

Put simply, if you're looking to emulate and old fashioned, unpredictable, warm delay. Then an analog delay will be more to your liking. If you're looking for dependable, crystal clear precise notes then a digital delay will suit your purpose more.

Every guitarist should know how to get the best out of their delay pedal. Whether you're an amateur, experienced or professional player. It's worth getting one of the best delay pedals on the market. We hope that this list will help you do just that.

Which Is Better Analog Or Digital Delay?

This is a tough question to answer. Unfortunately the answer it 'it depends'. There is no better delay pedal type. Analog has it's advantages, keeping your signal analog rather than needing to convert it to digital and then back again. Analog delays usually produce a naturally warm delay. Digital delays are much more dynamic, you can change almost anything. They can be set to a longer delay than most analog pedals. Digital delays are probably better for those who don't have a preference.

Do You Really Need A Delay Pedal?

In a word, yes. Our logic is as follows. Those that use one and then turn it off, miss it. It's the effect that even when on low, offering a subtle depth to your signal. Makes a whole world of difference. Once you add a delay to your pedalboard, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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