Best Reverb Pedals For Guitar

Top 5 Best Reverb Pedals For Guitar (December 2021)

The Best Reverb Pedals For Guitar (December 2021)

The best reverb pedals for guitar provide a cornerstone effect for most guitarists. It is able to thicken, add color and character to your signal. With the volume, mix, decay, pre-delay and tone controls apparent on most reverb pedals you're able to adjust your reverb effect to exactly how you want it.


Reverb pedals have been around since the late 50s. Although these early models are far simpler than the modern day versions. The original reverb pedal designs are known as 'plate reverb.

Plate Reverb

By mounting a metal plate using spring clips and running a the guitars signal though. An audio signal is able to vibrate the plate. Microphones positioned throughout the pedal are able to pick up the vast array of micro-vibrations. The signal is layers with these sounds, resulting in a convincing rendition of a resonant room. Plate reverb pedals were a hit.

Spring Reverb

Later advancements in the 60s lead to the creation of spring reverb pedals. This effect not only appears in pedal form but is apparent on many guitar amplifiers. The audio signal is sent down a coiled metal spring inside the pedal. A transducer at one end and a pickup at the other. Vibrations are caused within the metal spring. The signal is defused down the spring, resulting in the effect being captured by the pickup.

Digital Reverb

Fast forward to today and you'll find it's possible to achieve the same 'real room' tones with the use of digital processors. Furthermore, as these pedals create an entirely emulated sound, the reverb can be customized with a few simple configurations.

Setup Configurations

Digital reverb pedals can come with a range of controls. The following settings are common on some of the most popular reverb pedals for guitarists.

Effect Ratio

The effect ration is quite a straight forward configuration. You have two signals, the original dry input signal from your guitar. The second is the 'reverberated' signal created by the pedal. The effect ration is the difference in volume between the two signals. A 'dry' mix prioritizes the unaffected original signal, while a 'wet' mix prioritizes the reverberated signal. The 'wetter' a configuration the further way the guitar sounds.

Decay Time

Also known as 'reverberation time'. Decay time is a measurement of the reverberated signals strength. A higher decay time results in a reflective sound that takes longer to fade to the point it is no longer audible. Achieve different room size emulations with this setting. A longer delay simulates a larger room.

Pre-Decay Time

Pre-decay time is less common however has a subtle and useful effect on your reverb. This setting configures the time between the direct signal starting and the modified signal starting. It offers the guitarist a way to mimic the time it takes for the dry signal to hit a wall and reverberate back to the microphone or amplifier.

Reverb Uses

Not all reverb pedals are complex and littered with configurable knobs. Some come with a single control. Specifying the extremity of the effect. This is perfect for some who would find the sheer number of options on a more complex pedal confusing. However, it can feel restricting to others who would prefer a little more freedom to find their perfect sound.

Reverb can be used to create an ambience, a 'concert hall' effect. Giving your signal a depth that would rival that of a cathedral. The best reverb pedals try to emulate this authentic reverb effect and encapsulate it into a pedal. Allowing you to get the awe inspiring sound without the need for a breathtaking surrounding.


Natural reverb is a necessary effect for all types of music genres. It adds layers to the sound. On the other hand reverb pedals give configurable depth and tonal utilization. Consequently, this can add to your sound and lead to a sense of ambiance. A 'true bypass reverb pedal' will give you a sudden stop when deactivated. The main benefit is that the signal is unaltered when the pedal is off. The alternative type of pedal would be a 'buffered bypass reverb pedal'. These allow the reverb to trail away when the pedal is turned off. The disadvantage is that a buffered bypass circuit can and will still have an effect on the circuit when off.

Reverb pedals are paramount to a guitarists tonal sound. Finding the best one for your circumstance is something we've tried to help with. We're confident that with the list we've created you can find the right reverb pedal for you.

The Best Reverb Pedals For Guitar Buyers Guide (December 2021)

  • 1. Strymon BigSky
  • 2. BOSS RV-500
  • 3. Strymon BlueSky
  • 4. Digitech Polara
  • 5. Catalinbread Topanga
Strymon BigSky Reverb Pedal Image

Strymon BigSky

  • ✔ Top Of The Range BigSky Reverb Pedal
  • ✔ 12 Reverb Machine Algorithms To Choose From
  • ✔ 300 Easily Accessible Presets
  • ✔ LED Display For Preset Info

Strymon have become the trend-setters for powerful, digitally-controlled reverb pedal. The Strymon BigSky one of their flagship offerings.

Strymon BigSky Reverb Pedal - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

The BigSky is a massive, next generation reverb pedal with 12 fully-adjustable algorithms, tap tempo, presets and much more. It's the culmination of two of the greatest reverbs. A new DSP technology, and a new approach to building reverbs. The result is the most versatile, stunning and powerful reverb available in a pedal. It gives you a ton of tone-sculpting power for the price of a single pedal.

The BigSky was designed from a clean slate, with a powerful feature set and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Every inch of space inside the pedal was used for the best possible tone and the highest possible performance. The BigSky is a pedal that can do anything, from the warmest, most natural-sounding room tones to the most out-of-this-world special effects that can be achieved from any reverb.

A powerful reverb pedal designed to make your guitar sound huge. The BigSky pedal is packed with a ton of features, making it a seriously good value, like studio-quality reverbs, High Density Mode, Modulation mode, and much more. The BigSky is a powerful, full-featured live companion that is equally adept at filling a live venue with lush, natural ambience or creating huge walls of shimmering, synthetic sound. It's equally at home in the studio, adding space, dimension and movement to electronic and acoustic instruments.

The BigSky is your secret weapon for creating massive, epic, cinematic soundscapes, beautiful shimmering pads, and searing guitar solos.

BOSS RV-500 Reverb Processor Pedal Image


  • ✔ 12 Modes With 21 Reverb Types
  • ✔ Use Two Reverbs At Once With A/B Simultanious Mode
  • ✔ BOSS's Most Powerful And Versatile Reverb Processor Ever Produced
  • ✔ Class Defying 32-Bit AD/DA

BOSS RV-500 is the perfect tool if you need different ambiences for different songs. Allowing you to dial in lush reverb sounds ranging from a subtle splash to a large-hall reverb with spatial effect.

BOSS RV-500 Reverb Processor Pedal - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

BOSS is one of the world's leading manufacturers of musical instruments and professional audio products, and also one of the few that designs and produces its products with a commitment to the environment.

The RV-500 is a compact, easy-to-use digital reverb pedal for guitar and bass. The pedal's reverb time can be set to one of four preset values or to one of three "User" settings, allowing you to store your favorite settings. It offers a variety of reverb effects and a newly developed AccuReflex technology for increased accuracy in feedback detection. The pedal can be used for both live and studio applications, and can be easily integrated into existing pedal setups. The RV-500 offers a choice of 12 different reverb modes. The pedal's AccuReflex technology provides the most accurate, natural, and responsive feedback detection system of any reverb pedal.

With the BOSS RV-500, you can add convincing, natural reverberation to your clean sound, and create a rich "space" for your notes to live in. Dialing in the perfect amount of ambience to your tone is as easy as turning up the SENSR Level control. Plus, the effect is 100-percent analog and will never sound "digital" or "processed".

BOSS RV-500 delivers professional-quality studio-type sound and features intuitive controls for easy operation. 2 effects can be used simultaneously which is really useful when trying to find your unique sound. It's one of the most versatile pedals of all time The RV-500 lets you take your music wherever you want it to go. An abundance of customizable reverb types and tones. Plus a Tempo feature for syncing time with song tempo, makes the RV-500 the go-to reverb pedal for the gigging musician everywhere.

Simply put the RV-500 is a compact digital device that combines studio-quality reverb with BOSS quality and reliability.

Strymon BlueSky Reverb Pedal Image

Strymon BlueSky

  • ✔ Featuring Decay, Mix, Low Damp, Pre-Delay & High Damp Knobs For User Input
  • ✔ 3 Reverb Types
  • ✔ 3 Different Modes Of Each Reverb Type
  • ✔ Built In The USA

The Strymon BlueSky creates some lush, majestic and stunning reverbs. Providing 3 types of reverb, each with 3 different modes means you'll have plenty to choose from.

Strymon BlueSky Reverb Pedal - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

The BlueSky Reverberator is a highly tweakable stereo reverb pedal, with an intuitive layout and a gorgeous, bright, VFD display. It combines the warmth of a vintage spring, with the smooth decay of an ambiance reverb. You can also dial in a pre-delay to create exciting rhythmic patterns. Run two or more pedals at the same time, and use the Mix control to blend them together.

The Blue Sky's reverbs are created by cascading a series of delay lines. Each delay line is modulated by its own gain stage, allowing a single effect to be created. One that is brighter, darker, wetter, tighter, roomier, etc, than any single delay line could produce.

The Strymon BlueSky adds room ambience with a lush, dynamic sound that emulates a room reverb. It features 3 types and 3 modes. Meaning you have a wide range of classic and modern sounds to play with. From small rooms to vintage spring reverbs, the BlueSky allows you to sculpt your sound with a simple interface that is fast and intuitive.

The BlueSky features a wide range of sounds. It's based on a custom DSP core that features an algorithm that can be fine-tuned with an external control voltage input. The BlueSky's sound is bold, lush and vibrant. It's not a subtle effect, nor is it an emulation of an existing unit. The reverb is sweet and musical, with a smooth decay.

It will breathe new life into your tone, inspire your playing, and give you a realistic concert-hall reverb where and when you need it.

Digitech Polara Reverberation Pedal Image

Digitech Polara

  • ✔ 7 Reverb Modes - Room, Plate, Reverse, Modulated, Halo, Hall & Spring
  • ✔ Durable Soft Click Foot Switch
  • ✔ True Bypass Circuitry Preserves Your Tone
  • ✔ Features Level, Mode, Liveliness & Decay Knobs For User Custom Input

Considering the Digitech Polara is a classic reverb pedal with a warm spring reverb. A must if you’re looking for the perfect reverb pedal.

Digitech Polara Reverberation Pedal - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

Reverb is a short-delay effect and a staple of guitarists, lending depth to clean-toned parts and adding sparkle to lead lines. Reverb is the sound that occurs whenever a sound-wave is reflected off a surface. This pedal offers a rich effect, which can be used to add a fullness or a dramatic texture to your music. You can adjust the pedal to create that perfect effect that you are looking for. Whatever it may be. With this device, you can create a sound that is perfect for you.

The Digitech Polara gives you on-the-spot access to beautiful balanced reverb. It will take you places. From the warm sound of a vintage tube amp to the shimmering reflections of a grand hall. Is a simple, easy-to-use, no-nonsense pedal. One that will give you a vintage-tone at an affordable price.

The Polara is designed to provide a broad range of reverb at your feet. With seven different types, you can have a different sound for every song. If you're looking for a classic effect that sounds just like the reverb on old tube amps. This pedal is a favorite of countless guitarists and musicians worldwide.

Catalinbread Topanga Reverb Pedal Image

Catalinbread Topanga

  • ✔ Features Dwell, Tone, Mix & Vol Knobs For User Input
  • ✔ Described as "Big, Wet & Splashy"
  • ✔ So Good It'll Almost Fool You
  • ✔ Beautifully Designed Pedal

Catalinbread Topanga is quite a device. It's a reverb pedal that functions just like a real deal outboard spring reverb unit.

Catalinbread Topanga Reverb Pedal - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

Catalinbread Topanga is a simple yet powerful reverb pedal. It features a broad range of controls, plus foot switchable trails. This pedal is not a digital delay or a digital reverb. B, but rather a light and simple device designed to get the job done. The reverb is rich and lush with just a hint of modulation for a sound that is not too bright or digitized.

It is a “portable”- sized pedal that offers up a classic sound. It excels at adding a touch of ambience to your tone. The effect varies in its length depending on the input signal. It works equally well on clean and dirty signals. It's the perfect reverb for those who want to avoid digital or overly-reverby tones.

The Topanga is a compact pedal that delivers an amazingly rich and clear effect. It features separate controls for Dwell and Tone that let you dial in the exact sound you're looking for, from roomy and warm all the way to cavernous and wild. Natural tails or synthetic sounds are available at the push of a button. The Topanga provides a long list of musically musical reverbs, with no gimmicks, and no presets.

More Information Regarding Reverb Pedals For Guitar (2021)

What Is Reverb?

Reverb is the effect that occurs when a sound hits and reflects back off a hard surface towards the listener. It reflects at varying times and amplitudes. Resulting in a complex echo which differ depending on the space and location.

What Is A Reverb Pedal?

Reverb pedals vary in shape, size and type. Some use digital modellers to simulate reverb effects while some use real analog springs.


Why Do You Need A Reverb Pedal?

They allow you to create the amazing sounds of the classic 60's and 70's vibe. Modern reverb variations try to mimic and replicate the amazing backing tracks and ambient music of this fantastic musical era.

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