Strymon BigSky

Strymon BigSky Reverb Pedal Buyers Guide Review (June 2024)

  • ✔ Top Of The Range BigSky Reverb Pedal
  • ✔ 12 Reverb Machine Algorithms To Choose From
  • ✔ 300 Easily Accessible Presets
  • ✔ LED Display For Preset Info
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  • Hand crafted, studio-class reverb algorithms deliver lush, gorgeous, and musically inspiring reverb experiences
  • Twelve reverb machines to choose from: Room, Hall, Plate, Spring, Swell, Bloom, Cloud, Chorale, Shimmer, Magneto, Nonlinear, Reflections
  • Seven front-panel tone shaping knobs: Decay, Pre-Delay, Mix, Tone, Mod, Param 1, Param 2 (Param knobs assignable per preset)
  • Additional menu parameters allow for easy customization of reverb sounds
  • 300 easily accessible and namable presets
  • Press-and-hold Infinite Sustain and Freeze functions, saveable per preset
  • Spillover and Reverb Persist modes, saveable per preset
  • Selectable Speaker Cabinet emulation for direct-to-PA gigs or recording applications
  • Three rugged metal footswitches for preset selection and effect bypass
  • LED display for preset info, reverb decay time, and extended parameter control
  • Multi-color preset LEDs (green for active preset, amber for edited preset)
  • Full MIDI implementation allows extended control for those with more complex rigs
  • Sturdy and lightweight light blue anodized aluminum chassis, with laser-etched artwork
  • Durable black anodized aluminum knobs
  • Studio-grade audio input and output jacks

The Strymon BigSky Reverb Pedal

The word “reverb” comes from the word “reverberation”, which is the reflection of sound from a surface. Today, a reverb pedal is a device that is used to create the effect of reverberation in an audio signal. Often to simulate the sound of being in a room. While many pedals are made to simulate the sound of real rooms, the BigSky emulates the sound of classic reverbs. The BigSky is made with true bypass and high-quality components. It is easy to use and has a control layout that is similar to that of classic pedals. The sound of a BigSky is natural and spacious, and will add dimension and character to any audio signal.

A Quality Investment

The Strymon BigSky is designed to provide users with a wide variety of reverb effects. Effects that are suitable for any application a musician could need. It can be used to provide a variety of reverb effects to a guitar, bass, or synthesizer. With a wide range of control and customization to match. The Strymon BigSky is an investment in your music. As it will provide you with the highest quality effects you could possibly want.

Used By Professionals And Amateurs Alike

It can be used to create reverb sounds that are never heard before. It has a lot of capabilities, and it is designed to be used by professional musicians and amateurs alike. The Strymon BigSky features a wide variety of effects that can be used to make an infinite number of sounds. It also has a six-button foot switch and an expression pedal that can be used to control the reverb effects.

Pricey But Still Worth It

Reverb pedals are a great and fun way to add sound to your music. However, they are also rather expensive. The Strymon BigSky is affordable to most musicians. It has a large collection of sounds that can be edited and tweaked to create your own custom reverbs. It is true bypass, so it will not color your signal when it is disengaged. And it has a built in light show that is visible when you are playing on a darkened stage.

How To Use It

When you are ready to use the Strymon BigSky. All you have to do is plug it into your guitar amp and then plug your guitar into the pedal. After that, you can choose from any of the 12 different reverb options on the pedal. Finally, you can adjust the reverb to your liking by using the knob.

The Verdict

Each of the twelve reverb algorithms were painstakingly crafted to provide a wide range of lush, vibrant reverb sounds. Whether you're looking for a spacious hall, a vintage plate, a warm spring reverb, or a modern and lush sounding reverb, BigSky has a unique reverb sound for you.

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