Walrus Audio Slö

Walrus Audio Slö Multi Texture Reverb Pedal (June 2024)

  • ✔ Features Delay, Filter, Mix, X & Depth Knobs For Extensive User Control
  • ✔ Toggle Between Dark(Sine), Rise(Warp) & Dream(Sink)
  • ✔ Beautiful 'Lollipop Blue' Alloy Casing
  • ✔ Original Artwork By Christi DU Toit
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  • Create your own soundscapes with this quality reverb effect
  • Add texture to your music using three different modes
  • Dial in your perfect sound thanks to extensive, intuitive control dials
  • Sensational, intricately-designed reverb to take your sound to another level

The Walrus Audio Slö Multi Texture Reverb Pedal

High quality reverb pedals are an essential part of any guitarist's setup. However, the modern manufacturing process of mass production of these devices. Does not allow for the highest quality parts to be used in the construction process. The result is a pedal that has a shorter lifespan than it should. And is not as responsive as it should be. The Slö from Walrus Audio is hand-made in the USA from only the highest quality parts. Each Slö is hand-painted, hand-wired and hand-soldered by a skilled technician in a small shop in Los Angeles. Each pedal is carefully checked before being sent out to its new owner. And only the very best pedals are allowed to leave the shop. The result is a high-quality, great sounding guitar effects pedal. One that will last for years and will give you the tone you want.

A Top Quality, Beautiful Pedal

Walrus Audio Slö is designed to be simple, intuitive, and rugged. It provides your guitar with the ability to create vintage reverb effects. And is available featuring beautiful artwork by Christi DU Toit. It's compact size and durable construction means it can be used on the road. As well as at home and will last for years. The Slö is a high-quality, boutique pedal that is built like a tank. It is made to last and will not let you down. The Slö is an affordable pedal that will give you top quality performance and is a great option for any guitarist.

The Verdict

The Walrus Audio Slö is made with high quality parts that will stand up to the rigors of extended live use and studio recording.

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