Matthews Effects Astronomer V2

Matthews Effects Astronomer V2 Reverb Pedal (July 2024)

  • ✔ Top Mounted Jacks Make For Easy Pedalboard Placement
  • ✔ Top Quality Components Selected For Their Superior Sound Quality
  • ✔ Soft-Touch Foot Switch Can Take A Beating
  • ✔ Jump Between Top And Bottom Row Settings
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  • High-grade components selected for their superior sound and response
  • Top-mounted jacks make pedalboard placement effortless
  • Side-mounted slide switches for each row of controls lets you choose between 3 unique reverb algorithms
  • Soft-touch footswitch designed for the abuse of the road
  • 9V power jack power draw: 100mA
  • External bypass and Alt controls - TRS cable required
  • Effortlessly jump between top and bottom rows of controls
  • Compatible with most standard expression pedals

The Matthews Effects Astronomer V2 Reverb Pedal

There are a lot of expensive guitar effects pedals on the market today. Some of these pedals are great and have a lot of useful features for the guitarist. However, there are also a lot of cheaper guitar effects that are not so great. These devices often have flaws in the design and sound bad. The Matthews Effects Astronomer V2 is designed to be one of the best looking and best sounding reverbs on the market.

Great For Beginners And Pros Alike

Matthews Effects Astronomer V2 is a great pedal for beginners and advanced guitar players alike. You can use this pedal to play many different styles of music. You can use this pedal for a wide range of effects including reverb, echo and a few others. A common use for this pedal is to play psychedelic rock.

A Rich, Capable Sound

The Astronomer V2 is an all-analog, true bypass reverb pedal that pays homage to the classic sounds of the '60s and '70s. It features a beautiful, warm, lush reverb tone that is rich and full with just the right amount of echo. Clearly it has been designed to recreate the classic sounds of the vintage reverb units that were available during that time period. It can be used to create a wide variety of sounds and is capable of producing everything from short, subtle ambience to long, dramatic hall sounds.

Classic And Simple To Use

Matthews Effects Astronomer V2 is a complex, yet simple to use reverb pedal. It has a clean and simple layout that is easy to read. It features true bypass and has the ability to create a wide range of sounds. From a classic reverb, to the sound of a large cathedral. It has a blend control to allow you to mix the wet and dry signals to your liking.

The Verdict

This is an excellent pedal for the beginning guitarist who wants a great reverb without complication.

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