Best Chorus Pedals On The Market

Best Chorus Pedals On The Market (December 2021)

The Best Chorus Pedals On The Market (December 2021)

Why should you consider purchasing one of the best chorus pedals available on the market? Well, chorus pedals have been around since the mid 70's however they really started to boom in the 80's. That shimmery, tone thickening effect was all the rage and the chorus pedal was right there making it all happen. If anything, the chorus pedals were overused in the 80's, when things changed in the 90's the chorus effect was shelved except for a very special few who picked up the pedal. Kurt Cobain, The Police & The Smiths to name but a few that continued to use it both live and in the studio. Andy Wallace was a producer who was particular fond of the effect and used it in many of the studio recordings he worked on. Including some from Nirvana, arguably the kings of grunge.

Chorus Effects Pedals

Chorus pedals draw quite a divisive picture in the world of guitar effects pedals. Some guitarists love them, they can't live without them and can't help but use them at every chance. While others hate hate hate them. Whether you love them or hate them, they serve a purpose. They sweeten up your tone, it's whether or not you feel your tone needs sweetening. That's the real question.

If you're new to using chorus pedals then we'll start at the beginning. Chorus pedals are part of the modulation pedal family. This family is made up of chorus, flanger, vibe & phaser pedals. Check out our other pages to learn more about these. So what do they do?

All these modulation pedal types effect your tone in different ways. Chorus pedals generally mix your dry signal with a delayed, detuned (slightly) signal. It all sounds very complicated but the resulting sounds can be similar to "Run To You" by Bryan Adams or the famous grunge classic "Come As You Are" by Nirvana.

Chorus pedals will split your guitars signal in two, leaving one unaltered and making alterations to the second. This is the delayed signal we spoke of earlier. This is usually made using a low-frequency oscillator.

Different Types Of Chorus Pedals

Like with many different types of guitar effects pedals, chorus pedals can be purchased with analog components or digital components. While sounding very different, it's not a competition where there is a clear winner. There is no best chorus pedal type. Each type of pedal has strengths and weaknesses that we'll cover below.


Analog chorus pedals are known for their robust signal and warm tone. They give a deeper sound than digital and usually effect the whole frequency range of your tone. This is due to the fact they use physical devices in their circuitry to achieve these effects, unlike their digital counterparts.


Digital chorus pedals are very customisable compared with the analog models. They can usually provide a greater range of sounds and let your tweak even minor details. Making them a far more versatile option. The downside to this approach is that the effect is entirely fabricated. Some purists would argue that this leads to them sounding to processed and synthetic. Although, as time as gone by the digital models available have improved. So much so that they can recreate the sound of analog models very convincingly. They also range in price much more than analog pedals. Meaning you can get digital chorus pedals at a very low price. Which makes them very popular with beginners and those new to the chorus effect.

Where Does A Chorus Pedal Fit In?

First of all, there is no right and wrong place to put pedals. Only better and best places. Using a chorus at the front of your amp may sound great but it can lead to a volume hike when engaged. Which can be quite annoying unless that was your intension. If you're more conventional and are looking to put it in your signal chain we can help. Modulation pedals should be placed before any reverb or delay pedals. This is simply because the chorus pedal will effect your signal, including any effects already applied. Using your chorus after a delay could lead to your delay being compromised or sounding a little off. Well worth playing around with positioning but the general consensus is clear.


Chorus pedals come in all shapes and sized. From micro and mini pedals through to giant ones. These pedals have all types of controls and knobs ranging from a plethora down to just a single knob. However, the most common combination of controls are 3 knobs, depth, level & rate.


Depth manages the chorus warble effect, turn this knob up to intensify the effect.


The level knob will determine how much of the effected signal is mixed with the dry (unaltered) signal. Turn this right up to get a heavily altered end product or very low for a somewhat subtle effect. So depth controls the intensity of the effect, level controls how thick the effect is.


Rate gives you the chance to adjust the speed of the chorus effect. How many rotations the low-frequency oscillator makes in a given time. Resulting in a space like supernatural sound if turned really high.

The Best Chorus Pedals On The Market Buyers Guide (December 2021)

  • 1. BOSS WAZA Craft CE-2W
BOSS WAZA Craft CE-2W Chorus Pedal Image


  • ✔ Special Edition WAZA-Craft Pedal
  • ✔ Mode Toggle - Standard Gives A Perfect Reproduction Of The CE-2 Sound
  • ✔ Features Rate & Depth Control Knobs
  • ✔ True Bypass Switching

BOSS WAZA Craft CE-2W is a special edition WAZA craft pedal that really does deliver the ultimate BOSS tone experience. When nothing but the best will do, get the CW-2W.

BOSS WAZA Craft CE-2W Chorus Pedal - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

TheWaza Craft CE-2W Chorus was designed in collaboration with the renowned guitar pedal manufacturer Waza Craft. The CE-2W features a warm analog sound. It creates it effect by layering a modulated signal with the original. Resulting in a complex and unique sound that has been prized by guitarists for decades.

This beautiful chorus pedal is the perfect combination of simplicity and function. It comes equipped with two rate and depth settings and three selectable modes. The CE-2W pedal delivers a lush, natural sounding effect that can be used to thicken guitar and synth tones. Or to create a rich watery sound. The pedal is equipped with a Volume control, Dry/Wet control and a special Tone control. The Tone control lets you tailor the sound to your guitar. It is an amazing chorus pedal using BOSS' acclaimed Chorus circuit. The CE-2W produces lush chorusing with an intuitive Control Knob that lets you easily dial in a chorus effect that's subtle or dramatic. Add shimmer to your tone with the CE-2W.

This pedal is the newest addition to the Craft chorus line. It has a streamlined, compact chassis, and is the perfect size for the pedal board. This pedal gives you a rich, warm, and not overly thick tone. It's simple in design, but in practice it's actually very powerful. Providing a wide tone that can be used for a lot of different musical styles.

The CE-2W gives you the distinctive sound derived from the CE-1. The CE-2W features newly developed analog chorus circuitry with a BBD (Bucket Brigade Device) and a newly developed effect that adds richness to the sound. The CE-2W can be used to create a lush chorus sound from subtle to dramatic. This pedal is the perfect choice for guitarists who want to add a chorus effect to their sound.

More Information Regarding Chorus Pedals (2021)

What Is A Chorus Pedal?

A chorus is a modulation effect but the modulation produced is made by delaying the wet signal ever so slightly, resulting in a 'doubling' effect. This effect can be taken to the extreme from a 'doubling effect' the an extremely 'watery' effect.

In short, a chorus effect tries to give the impression your signal is running through two separate amplifiers with one being slightly delayed resulting in an almost echo effect. It's not delayed enough to be an echo, instead the guitar's output is thickened up and truly does sound great.

Chorus pedals usually provide several configurable input knobs. Speed, rate and depth are common on the best chorus effect pedals. Boss chorus pedals are very popular in the industry, because they are great at effecting the rate, depth, tone & sound of your signal.

When Did The Chorus Pedal Start To Become Popular?

Chorus pedals became particularly popular in the 80's. Chorus pedals mimic the effects of choirs and string orchestras produce. They do it by mixing the sound with slightly different pitches. It adds delay and vibrato effect to add to the layering process.

Why Should I Get A Chorus Pedal?

Most guitar players who experience a chorus pedal stick with it. Once you hear and feel the effect on your tone you really won't want to go back. Finding the right chorus pedal and the perfect balance between usability and functionality is your next challenge.

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