Walrus Audio Julia V2 Chorus Pedal Review (January 2021)

Walrus Audio Julia V2 Chorus Pedal

Walrus Audio Julia V2 Chorus Pedal

  • ✔ Updated For 2020
  • ✔ Features Art From Adam Forster
  • ✔ Wave Toggle - Switch Between Chorus And Vibrato Sound
  • ✔ Dry/Chorus/Vibrato Blend Toggle - Choose Ratio Of Wet/Dry Signal
The Walrus Audio Julia V2 chorus guitar effects pedal is a fully analog, feature-rich chorus/vibrato packed with a wide array of tonal landscapes begging to be explored.
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  • Isolated power supply is recommended
  • Daisy chain power supplies are not recommended
  • Power; 9-volt DC, Center Negative, 100ma min.
  • Input; 1/4 inch cable from instrument
  • Output; 1/4 inch cable to amplifier
  • Dimensions; 4.77” x 2.9” x 2.3”

Julia offers a unique blend knob to blend your dry signal with chorus or blend between chorus and vibrato.

The Julia is a fully analog, feature-rich chorus/vibrato packed with a wide array of tonal landscapes begging to be explored. Updated for 2020, Julia now has top mounted jacks, soft switch bypassing and updated art from Adam Forster. Julia is able to produce mild smooth chorus, to seasick vibrato and everywhere in between. With controls like Lag, Dry-Chorus-Vibrato Blend, and selectable analog LFO wave shapes, you are able to dial in all types of classic and unique chorus/vibrato sounds.

  • Rate – The Rate knob allows you to set the speed at which the LFO sweeps. From little to no movement at lower settings, to wild wackiness at max.
  • Depth – The Depth knob allows you to change the amplitude of the LFO. From no movement to deep sweeping modulation.
  • Lag – The Lag knob lets you set the center delay time that the LFO modulates around. From smooth tight modulation at lower settings, to noisy nauseating detune at maximum, the Lag knob adds a new dimension to the traditional Chorus/Vibrato landscape.

The Walrus Audio Julia V2 comes with advanced controls to shape the chorus/vibrato sound you want to achieve.

  • Wave Switch – The Wave toggle lets you select either sine or triangle LFO waveforms. The sharper corners of the triangle wave generally sound more appealing for chorus type effects, and the more round shape of the sine wave generally sound better with vibrato type effects.
  • D-C-V Blend – The Dry-Chours-Vibrato Blend changes the ratio of dry to wet signal sent to the output. At minimum, you will hear no effect. Set it to noon for equal parts dry and wet – the traditional chorus setting. Set it to maximum for 100% wet – the traditional vibrato setting. Explore the ground between minimum and noon for adding slight amounts of movement to your dry signal. Great on bass! Explore the ground between noon and maximum for all sorts of new chorus/vibrato combinations.

We think this pedal is beautiful, it’s creative art by Adam Forster compliments the creative sound you can achieve if you make use of all of the features the Julia chorus & vibrato guitar effects pedal has to offer.