Walrus Audio Julia V2

Walrus Audio Julia V2 Chorus Pedal Buyers Review (June 2024)

  • ✔ Updated For 2020
  • ✔ Features Art From Adam Forster
  • ✔ Wave Toggle - Switch Between Chorus And Vibrato Sound
  • ✔ Dry/Chorus/Vibrato Blend Toggle - Choose Ratio Of Wet/Dry Signal
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  • Isolated power supply is recommended
  • Daisy chain power supplies are not recommended
  • Power; 9-volt DC, Center Negative, 100ma min.
  • Input; 1/4 inch cable from instrument
  • Output; 1/4 inch cable to amplifier
  • Dimensions; 4.77” x 2.9” x 2.3”

Walrus Audio Julia V2 Chorus Pedal

When it comes to effects pedals, quality is not always a top priority. And while some pedals might make your guitar sound great, they are not usually built to last. The Walrus Audio Julia V2 is a high quality guitar effects pedal that is made to last. It is built to be rugged and durable to withstand the rigors of the road and to deliver high quality effects to your guitar. It delivers the classic chorus effect as well as a phase effect that you can blend together.

The Julia V2 from Walrus Audio is the next generation of the popular Julia. It features a completely redesigned circuit that includes a new Bucket Brigade Delay (BBD) chip. This is a complex analog circuit that is used to create a reverb effect which can vary in length, tone, and direction. The Julia V2 also has an added tap tempo switch. Which allows you to set the speed of the chorus effect. The new generation of the Julia has a brighter, clearer tone than its predecessor. This chorus is a must-have for anyone looking to add depth and movement to their music.

Walrus Audio Julia V2 Features

The pedal is equipped with four knobs. Each allow you to control the rate, depth, lag, and ratio of wet to dry signal output. It also has a save switch. Therefore you're able to toggle between sine or triangle LFO waveforms. The pedal is made with high quality components and the construction of the pedal is superior to others on the market. This means you will get a pedal that will last you for years to come and will not break down or lose its quality.

If you're looking for a chorus pedal that won't take things too far, check out the Julia. The Julia is a mild, organic chorus effect that's great for adding a bit of sparkle to your clean tone. We think this pedal is beautiful. Also the creative art by Adam Forster compliments the creative sound you can achieve. If you make use of all of the features the Julia chorus & vibrato guitar effects pedal has to offer.

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