What Do Effect Pedals Do? The Definitive Answer

Created - November 14, 2020

What do effect pedals do? They are electronic instruments that allow a person to create sounds from different instruments and sounds, with effects. There are many types of effects pedals, but they all do one thing and that is to alter the sound of an instrument.

A distortion effect pedal is a type of effect pedal. It sounds very different than a standard whammy bar. It’s usually used to produce a louder sound by manipulating the signal between the guitar and amplifier. They are usually used on electric guitars however have been known to be used on bass and electro-acoustic guitars also. They can be used as a way to create a more distorted sound, which is great for heavy metal.

Another effect pedal would be a reverb pedal, which creates a certain sound when certain things happen, like hitting a drum. Reverbs can create a feeling of space and distance. Reverb is often in film and video game production. However the pedals can be quite expensive. Reverb works very similar to a compressor, but they come in a variety of different types and settings. It helps a person to get their low sounding signal to sound louder. At the same time it will make your higher sounding signal sound quieter. It is not an effect that is very common, but it is a great tool to have available. Some people use this on their guitars because it makes their sound more refined and studio like.

Know What Sound You’re Trying To Create

It is important to know what effect pedals you have available, because they are all used to enhance the sounds that are already out there. Knowing what kind of sound you are trying to achieve will help you get the right effect pedal, and give your sound some depth and definition.

Effects pedals can create effects like echo & delay. These are great for when the sound of something is too quiet for the listener to hear it, or when you want to create a very dramatic effect.  Compressors are able to level off your input signal. Your signal sound more refined and less sporadic due to picking techniques.

There are many different types of effects pedals, and they are not all created equal. If you are trying to create a unique sound with your guitar, why not try a wah pedal and let your imagination go wild. There are also effects pedals available that simulate sounds from many different instruments.

We have a variety of effects pedal recommendations on our site, covering all the major types of guitar effects pedals. Take a look at what our team has to say on the type of pedal that interests you.