MXR MC404 CAE Wah Pedal

MXR MC404 CAE Wah Pedal Buyers Guide Review (April 2024)

  • ✔ Custom Designed CTS Potentiometer
  • ✔ User Selectable Gain Output Stage With Kick Switch
  • ✔ Built In Boost/LineDriver
  • ✔ True Bypass Switching
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  • Custom-designed CTS Extended Life
  • True bypass
  • Battery or Dunlop adapter
  • Made in USA

The MC404 CAE Wah was developed by Bob Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electronics and the Cry Baby design team with the goal of creating a highly versatile wah-wah of top-grade components. It features dual Fasel inductors with two distinct voices (high-end emphasis or low to mid resonance), and a built-in MXR MC401 Boost/LineDriver adds even more flexibility.

Choose between inductors and turn the boost on or off with the side-mounted kickswitches; bright LEDs on each side of the wah indicate operation status. The MC404 boasts true hardwire bypass, a long-life CTS potentiometer, and internal pots for "Q" and gain adjustments.

This wah is manufactured by Dunlop but was designed by Bob Bradshaw, which makes it more of a CAE than a Dunlop. Having the red and yellow settings is like having two wahs in one, both of which are awesome in their own respects. The red has a deep voice that's somewhat muddy. The yellow could be described as a funky, well balanced tone.

The boost function is an excellent touch, adding a nice helping of overdrive which you can tailor to your sound without creating a bunch of nasty feedback.

Overall we love everything about this pedal, from the tone and the ease of operation, right down to the LEDs and durable chassis. Well worth considering!

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