VOX StompLab 1G

VOX StompLab 1G Multi Effects Pedal Buyers Review (June 2024)

  • ✔ 100 Preset Programs
  • ✔ Simple Interface
  • ✔ 20 Custom Program Slots
  • ✔ Models Are Categorized Into Styles (Rock, Blues, Metal etc)
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  • Number of Effects: 103
  • Number of Programs: 120 (User = 20 / Preset = 100)
  • Audio Input: 1 (Monaural Standard)
  • Audio Output: OUTPUT/PHONES (Stereo Standard)
  • Signal processing: A/D conversion: 24-bit / D/A conversion: 24-bit
  • Tuner: Measurement Range: A0 - E6
  • Calibration Range: A=438 Hz – 445 Hz

For years guitarists have been spending a fortune on effects pedals and multi-effect units from the likes of Digitech and Line 6. The problem is that these pedals are expensive and the effects they produce are not of the highest quality. The VOX StompLab 1G is affordable and produces the highest quality effects. The StompLab 1G has 100 onboard effects that are all produced by the world famous VOX AC30 amplifier.

Great For Beginners

The VOX StompLab 1G is a perfect first pedal for guitarists. It allows you to try out a wide range of effects in a single unit. While also having the ability to edit them to your own tastes. The StompLab 1G gives you an impressive 100 presets. And 20 custom slots that you can edit and tweak to achieve a wide range of sounds. The StompLab 1G also gives you the ability to create your own unique effects from scratch. Or with the help of the onboard computer. Each effect can be edited to your heart's content and then saved.

It is loaded with all the effects you need to get started on your musical journey. This is a great pedal for any musician who wants to start playing guitar and doesn't want to spend a lot of money.

Overall we think that the VOX StompLab 1G is a superb product. Not only do you have a wide variety of patches. But they are all adaptable, the range of sounds is almost limitless. You could easily spend a long time trying them all out. The led light is bright and easily readable and the control knobs definite. The pedal is strongly built and it looks professional.

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