How To Set Up Multi Effects Pedals

How To Set Up Multi Effects Pedals

Multi effect pedals are a great way to bring the expressive power of a guitar or bass right up to your amp or mixer. But setting up multi effect pedals is a process that can be difficult for those who have never attempted it. So here is a multi effect pedal setup guide. It covers some of the basics and best practises from when you get your new multi effects pedal. Through to setting it up on stage.

Choosing The Right Multi Effects Pedal

If you're just starting out with multi effects pedals, it can be difficult to know which one will suit your needs.

Some factors you should consider when choosing a multi effect pedal is what type of sound you're looking for. What settings the pedal offers and the price of the device.

The most important factor is whether the pedal sounds good with your amplifier. Of course, this depends on the amp that you have as well. In order to give an accurate answer, it's best to try as many out in person as possible. You don't have to commit to buying any. Perhaps find them online cheaper at a later date. However being able to hear and feel the sound in person is hard to match online. If you aren't able to do this, why not use online resources like our multi effects pedal buyers guide.

Another thing to consider is how many presets or effects that the pedal offers. If there are more than 3-5 presets, then you'll have a fair few options straight out of the box. And finally, take into account how many people are going to be playing at once. Some pedals offer multiple inputs but if this pedal is just for you then you can ignore this particular factor.

Common Multi Effects Pedal Settings

When setting up your effects, there are a few settings that you will want to consider. These include the wet/dry knob, in which you can control how much of the effect is heard and how much is fed back into the mix. There's also the type of effect that you're using and whether it's for sound or light.

The following list includes some of the most common multi effects pedal setups. Remember that these are just suggestions based on my experience and what I think will work best for you. You may find a different setting that works better for your situation.

  • Wet/dry knob. This controls how much of the effect is heard and how much is fed back into the mix. Dry means it's not heard at all while wet means it's loud and in your face.
  • Type of Effect. You can use this to change between different types of effects like distortion, echo, chorus or reverb.

Choosing a multi effect pedal that has several physical pedals is also hugely beneficial. Instead of cycling through presets, you can set each one on its own separate pedal. It's almost as good as having single effects pedals in front of you.

Tips To Get The Best Sound Out Of Your Multi Effects Pedal

  • Always make sure your multi effects pedal is off when plugging your guitar or bass in. You don't want to damage the pedal or amplifier.
  • If you are using a power supply, don't forget to turn the dial on the back of the multi effects pedal to match the input voltage. This might not be necessary with your particular multi effects pedal. Always check the setup instructions.

Always Read The Instructions And Online Reviews

Before you start, take a look at the instructions and the online reviews. They will give you some insight on what is involved in setting it up. It might seem complicated, but once you have gone through the process of setting up your multi effect pedal, you will be able to use it for everything from recording to live performance.

An important thing to remember when setting up your multi effect pedal is that there are a number of steps in the process. You can't just plug it in and expect it to work properly. There are multiple things that need to be done before you can get started. After all the preparation is done, once it's set up properly, hopefully your multi effect pedal will work perfectly for you.

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