What Are The Best Types Of Octave Pedals

What Are The Best Types Of Octave Pedals?

Octave pedals are a type of guitar effect pedal that make it easy to add rich, thick bass tones to your sound. They work by splitting the signal from your guitar and boosting its volume an octave above what it normally sounds like. This increases the range of frequencies you can hear. It also means that you can play any note and get a matching note one octave higher. Octave pedals produce a wide range of different effects. But there are three main types. Octave up pedals, octave down pedals, and sub-octave pedals. Here we talk about the benefits and downsides of each. So you can decide which type is best for you.

The 3 Types of Octave Pedals

Octave pedals are designed to work with electric guitars, but they can also be used with other instruments. They are primarily found in the bass guitar world, but can also be used on acoustic guitars and electric pianos.

Octave pedals are primarily divided into three types: octave up pedals, octave down pedals, and sub-octave pedals.

The octave up pedal is usually set one octave above the rest of your instrument's range while the other two types will produce a note above or below what you're playing. The main reason for this difference is that an octave up pedal will typically boost the volume of the signal while an octave down pedal will lower it to create a sharper tone.

The main advantage of using an octave down pedal is that it creates a more focused sound while still having enough volume to hit your audience. They are perfect for players who need a sharp tone without much fuzziness in their sound. Another reason these type of pedals are great for solo performers is because they provide them with more control over their sound by giving them power over how loud they want it to be.

The Benefits Of An "Octave Up" Pedal

An "octave up" pedal is the most popular type of octave effect. It generates four different modes: "normal," "half-step up," "full-step up," and "sub-octave down." The main benefit of an octave pedal is that it's easy to use. You can just plug in and start playing, even if you don't have any musical background.

Another benefit is that this pedal is inexpensive. Its low price tag makes it a favorite among beginning musicians for practicing at home or using in their band gigs. It also makes it easier for people who want a first pedal to experiment with a variety of sounds. Without spending too much money on other effects pedals first.

The Benefits Of An "Octave Down" Pedal

The "octave down" pedals are the most popular type of octave pedal. They have a volume control that allows you to set the tone you want. Then they will create that tone by boosting one octave below the original sound.

They are also really easy to use. There is nothing to install, configure, or tinker with-- just plug them into your guitar and turn them on!

The Benefits Of A "Sub-Octave" Pedal

Some players may find that a sub-octave pedal is the perfect effect for them. This type of pedal boosts the low notes of your guitar an octave below the normal range. So you can get vibrato effects without using a tremolo arm. This makes it easy to achieve thick, deep bass tones without having to use a lot of pedals or other equipment.

It's not just about getting thick bass tones though. Mainly because you can also use these pedals to get great octave up effects. Octave up pedals are used to increase the volume of your guitar by one octave above normal levels. Producing a clean, thin sound that's perfect for jazz.

Plus, if you want to play with other guitars, this type of pedal will let you do it easily! If you're playing with another guitarist who uses an octave down pedal on their instrument, they'll sound like they're in unison with each other when you both play notes in either range.


Octave pedals are a must-have for guitarists who want to explore new sounds on their instrument. They allow you to make your guitar sound brighter, more powerful, and fuller with the push of a single button. But this utility comes at a price. For more information check out our buyers guide.

Octave pedals are often quite expensive, but they are widely used by professional musicians. If you're just starting out with guitar effects, it might be worth looking into cheaper options before investing in one of these pricey devices.

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