BEHRINGER UMC 404HD Audiophile

BEHRINGER UMC 404HD Audiophile Buyers Review (May 2024)

  • ✔ Audiophile 24 - bit/192 kHz resolution
  • ✔ Midas designed mic preamplifiers
  • ✔ Compatible with popular recording software
  • ✔ 4x4 USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI interface
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If you are looking for an audio interface to record your podcast or professional voice over work. Then you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to be discuss the Behringer UMC 404HD Audiophile. Which is a 4 channel audio interface that comes with four analog to digital converters. Each capable of recording in 24 bit, 96 kHz resolution. This is a high quality audio interface that is designed to give you professional sound quality at an affordable price.

Perfect For Those On A Budget

The Behringer UMC404HD is perfect for the audiophile on a budget. High end audio interfaces can cost thousands of dollars, which is often outside the budget of the average home-recording enthusiast. The UMC404HD provides you with 4 analog inputs to which you can connect microphones and instruments. It also has a high performance mic preamp with phantom power so you can record vocals with ease. The interface also provides you with 2 analog outputs and 2 separate headphone outputs. The UMC404HD will give you a high quality audio recording experience at a price that won't break the bank.

High Quality Interface

You don't have to be a professional musician to enjoy the benefits of a high-quality interface. They are a great way for any music enthusiast to connect their instruments and their computer. So as to record audio in high-quality. The Behringer UMC 404HD Audiophile allow you to record in high-definition audio and connect up to four different audio sources. It has four microphone preamps and a four-channel mixer for a variety of sources. It even has a built-in 192 kHz/24-bit digital converter. The BEHRINGER UMC 404HD Audiophile allows you to connect a variety of professional gear to your computer via USB. It is a reliable, high-quality interface that features a zero-latency analog monitoring path and 24-bit/96 kHz resolution.

The Verdict

Overall, the UMC 404HD Audiophile is a compact and easy to use interface. One designed for professional engineers that want to record high fidelity audio at home or in the studio. The UMC 404HD Audiophile provides a high quality 24 bit resolution and a sample rate of up to 96 kHz. This makes it possible to record CD quality sound. It can also be used for digital audio recording and is designed to work with a wide variety of software. Software such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Garage Band, Cubase, Logic, Reason, Studio One, and many more.

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