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BOSS TR-2 Tremolo Effects Pedal Buyers Review (October 2020)

BOSS TR-2 Tremolo Effects Pedal

BOSS TR-2 Tremolo Effects Pedal

  • ✔ Dedicated Wave, Rate And Depth Knobs
  • ✔ High Quality Build - Built To Last
  • ✔ Rate Control Allows For Higher Speed Adjustment Than Previous Models
  • ✔ Wave Control Allows For Precise Effect Tailoring
The TR-2 tremolo pedal justifies Boss's reputation as one of the biggest authorities of guitar pedals in the world.
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  • Provides guitarists with high-quality vintage tremolo effects in an easy-to-use compact pedal
  • Dedicated “Wave,” “Rate” and “Depth” knobs allow for precise effect tailoring
  • “Rate” control allows for higher speed adjustment than BOSS’ classic PN-2
  • “Wave” control alters LFO waveform from triangle to square
  • “Depth” control determines the strength of the effect
  • BOSS five-year warranty

The Boss TR-2 tremolo pedal has many positive aspects. The main being with it’s particular set of controls, one can navigate through a few different vintage style sounds as well as tweak those sounds to suit the style & other equipment they are playing with.

The classic Boss TR-2 Tremolo Pedal creates real vintage tremolo guitar sounds and variations. Built-in wave knob lets you alter the LFO waveform from triangle to square for a wider range of tremolo variations. Rate knob is a sweepable high-speed LFO control, allowing the Boss TR-2 greater control over tremolo speed.

Overall, the TR2 is excellent value for money, offers a good sound, is tough & readily available.