EarthQuaker Devices Plumes

EarthQuaker Devices Plumes Overdrive Pedal (July 2024)

  • ✔ 3 Clipping Voices
  • ✔ All Analog Approach To A Classic Tube-Live Overdrive Circuit
  • ✔ True Bypass - No Loss Of Tone
  • ✔ Beautifully Designed Pedal
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  • True bypass
  • Level, tone and gain controls
  • 3-Way toggle switch for the three clipping modes (Symmetrical LED / asymmetrical silicon / No Diode OpAmp Drive)
  • Bypass footswitch
  • Status LED
  • Metal housing
  • 6.3 mm Mono jack input / output
  • Power supply via optional 9 V DC power supply (not included in delivery) 2.1 x 5.5 mm coaxial connector, polarity (-) inside
  • Current consumption: 25 mA
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 117 x 64 x 57 mm
  • Weight: 396 g

Guitar effects pedals have come a long way from the first ones invented in the late 1960's. Today, there are thousands of different types of effects pedals to choose from with varying qualities. If you want an overdrive with high quality sound and a unique look, you should consider the Plumes by EarthQuaker Devices. The Plumes overdrive is a high quality boutique pedal made out of hand selected, boutique components to achieve a unique and powerful overdrive sound.

Beats Many For Quality And Design

There are many guitar effects pedals out there on the market today. However, the majority of these budget pedals are made made out of plastic and are made with a low cost in mind. This has caused a lot of problems for musicians. The first problem is that when you stomp on the pedals to engage the effect. The plastic parts tend to break off. This has caused musicians to lose time while they are on stage using their pedals. Because they have to stop and find a way to hold together a broken pedal.

The EarthQuaker Devices Plumes is made with a die-cast metal construction. That is more durable than the plastic alternatives that are out there on the market. Also, the design is more ergonomic. This means that when you stomp on the pedals,. You can continue to play and don't have to worry about the pedals breaking off.

A Strong Overdrive Pedal

The Plumes is a driven, broken down overdrive that delivers different voices based on how you play. The more you dig in, the more it pushes back with a gritty distorted signal. Plumes is the first overdrive EarthQuaker Devices designed to accentuate a specific playing style.

The Plumes is an overdrive with a circuit based on the now discontinued Lovepedal Eternity. The Plumes is a simpler, more straight-forward version, featuring controls for Volume, Gain, Treble and Bass. Add a single-coil or humbucker to your guitar, roll back the guitar volume and you're in business. The Plumes has a smooth overdrive similar to the Eternity, but with a little more gain.

The Verdict

EarthQuaker Devices Plumes is is designed to add a bit of fatness, or thickness to your tone. It is not designed to be a distortion pedal. But rather a way to add some thickness and fullness to your tone. The Plumes is a very simple pedal, with only three knobs on it that control the overall amount of the effect. There are no complicated effects or settings to get lost in. The Plumes is one of EarthQuaker's smaller models. With a very small footprint, and is easy to use on your board.

Overall, the EarthQuaker Plumes provides outstanding dynamic, organic and natural-sounding overdrive tones that will make your guitar scream. Check it out today!

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