JHS Tidewater

JHS Tidewater Tremolo Pedal Buyers Guide Review (June 2024)

  • ✔ Small Sized Pedal - Great Option For A Crowded Pedal Board
  • ✔ Volume, Mix And Speed Knobs Allow For Personalized Input
  • ✔ Fantastic Tones
  • ✔ Internal Dip Switches Allows For Further Customization
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  • Inspired by the rich sound of vintage Fender and Vox amplifier tremolo
  • Can also be used as a warm preamp boost by turning the mix down and the volume up
  • Internal DIP switches allow you to select a faster or slower speed range

The JHS Tidewater Tremolo Pedal

Guitar pedals are not always cheap--especially when you need to buy one for every effect you need.  JHS Tidewater is a company that produces high quality guitar effects pedals at a price that is affordable to all musicians.

High Quality Designs

JHS is a guitar effects pedal company that is not only known for their high quality. But also for the affordability of their products. JHS's Tidewater is an example of this. This pedal provides the user with a variety of tremolo effects. From a smooth and consistent tremolo to a classic 60s style tremolo. The pedal has a three knob configuration. This allows the user to adjust the speed, mix, and volume of the tremolo. It is a true bypass pedal which means it will not affect the sound of the guitar when it is not activated.

The JHS Tidewater is an easy-to-use tool that can be used to add a variety of different tremolos to your guitar's sound. Whether you want to create a sound like a jet plane flying overhead or a heartbeat, the JHS Tidewater can do it all. The JHS Tidewater is built using a cast aluminum alloy housing with a powder coated finish. It is a tremolo pedal that produces a rich, warm and shimmering sound.

Easy To Use

Guitar effects pedals can be complicated and intimidating to use. This is especially true for novice guitarists. The JHS Tidewater is designed to make it easier to use modulization units on stage or in the studio. The Tidewater is a simple device that has only three knobs and only one effect and, which is a tremolo. The user can control the volume of the tremolo effect as well as the mix and the speed at which the effect occurs. The JHS Tidewater will make it easier for musicians to be creative and play around with their sound.

The Verdict

JHS Tidewater is designed to provide guitarists with the classic tremolo effect in an easy-to-use pedal that is affordable and compact. JHS Tidewater offers the classic tone of a tremolo in an affordable unit that is easy to use.

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