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JOYO JF-09 Tremolo Pedal Buyers Guide Review (October 2020)

JOYO JF-09 Tremolo Pedal

JOYO JF-09 Tremolo Pedal

  • ✔ True Bypass Design
  • ✔ Aluminum Alloy Casing
  • ✔ Features Intensity & Rate Knobs For Custom Configuration
  • ✔ Beautiful Yellow Colour And Design
The JOYO JF-09 Tremolo guitar effects pedal tries to replicate the tremolo of the beloved classic tube amplifier. By using the same photoelectric tube circuitry as the trem in those amps of old.
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  • Optical Tremolo
  • Intensity and Rate Controls
  • True Bypass
  • Sturdy alluminum alloy case
  • Uses 9V battery or standard Boss style adapter

This Joyo Tremolo pedal uses the same photoelectric tube circuitry as the tremolo used in those classic amps of yesteryear.  Simple design makes it easy to adjust the tone with only 2 parameter pots –  Intensity and Rate.  You can go from a very subtle, swaying tone, to the super choppy Bloc Party sound with both pots maxed out.

True bypass design minimizes tone loss and the super tough aluminium alloy casing will last for years.

On the left, a rate knob controls how quickly the volume swells fluctuate, while the right depth knob controls overall dynamics. The Tremolo guitar effect pedal from JOYO also has as important extra for your live playing or recording needs: fortunate for your rhythm sound, the led on/off indicator pulses with the signal modulation rate, it is a great way to set the rate speed before you start to play. The guitar effect pedal from JOYO features True bypass and with solid 1/4-inch connectors make this pedal professional and reliable when it comes to signal integrity, great modulation tone and will last a long time.

The sound is understated when the depth is low and somewhere between magical and psychedelic to a choppy stutter when it’s all the way up. Perfect for adding some emotion to your guitar tone.

The Joyo Tremolo JF-09 is an optical circuit tremolo like in the old Fender amplifiers used. All analog, with gradual smooth oscillation. No need to buy a pricey pedal, this baby will do the job well when you need that subtle wave for ambiance. Speed can go from a barely noticeable pulsing all the way to a fast choppy stutter.

A nifty feature is the LED light blinks at the rate of the current tremolo speed so makes adjustments easy and intuitive.

Great bargain Tremolo that will give boutique pedals a run for their money.