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Best Mini Wah Pedals On The Market

Best Mini Wah Pedals On The Market (July 2021)

The Best Mini Wah Pedals On The Market - 2021

It’s likely you’ve heard the sounds of a wah pedal at some point in time.  We’re almost certain you have if you're a guitarist. As one of the most iconic effects in the guitar world, every guitarist can happily incorporate a mini wah pedal into their sound. Finding the best mini wah pedals on the market is a difficult task. Hopefully we're able to help you make the right decision.

The mini wah pedal is simply an effects pedal for guitars. It is one of many pedals that provide various effects for guitar players who want to ramp up the sound of their guitar, or merely change the resultant tone. Pedals are often used together in a sequence but can be used individually too.

When people talk about wah pedals, they're talking about the Crybaby. This is the original--the one that created some of the most timeless sounds in rock. The first widely known wah pedals surfaced in the late '60s in the UK and California. Conceived by an employee of the Thomas Organ Company and marketed by Vox.

What Is A Mini Wah Guitar Pedal?

A mini wah pedal is an audio filter that achieves its sound in one of two ways. Either using a narrow band-pass filter with a highly resonant peak. Or by using a low-pass filter with dual resonant peaks near its roll-off frequency.

The mini wah pedal acts as a tone control that boosts the lower frequencies up to the higher end ones, by sweeping the pedal or treadle.

Why Get A Mini Wah Pedal?

The wah pedal is a favorite among guitar players. The unmistakable cry has captured musicians and fans alike for decades.

The sonic expression of the wah pedal is as effective today as it was when popularised half a century ago. It can help make your lead solos carress or scream and give your funky rhythms some of that "wacka-wacka".

There are tons of mini wah pedals on the market today. All offering the versatility that is so synonymous with the 'wah' sound. Take a look at our best mini wah pedals on the market list to help you find the right mini wah pedal for you.

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