What Are Boost Pedals - The Beginner's Guide

What Are Boost Pedals - The Beginner's Guide

What is a Guitar Effects Pedal?

Guitar effects pedals are used to alter the sound coming out of an electric guitar. They can be used to produce a variety of different effects, such as distortion, reverb, delay and more.

A guitar effect pedal is a device that can be connected between an instrument amplifier and a guitar. It manipulates or alters the tone of the amplified signal by using various electronic circuits, depending on the type of pedal it is.

The Basics of Guitar Effects Pedals

Guitar effects pedals are small devices that are used by musicians to modify, distort and add texture to their sound. The most common use of the guitar effect pedal is to provide a guitar's sound with a different tone or variety for aesthetic reasons.

The best guitar effects pedals can simulate many sounds and what they do depends on the type of pedal. For example, some amp simulators allow the guitarist to produce a broad range of sounds while others offer an assortment of pre-configured tones such as distortion or overdrive.

How Do You Use a Guitar Pedal Effectively?

Pedals have a wide variety of effects which can be used to change the sound of your guitar. This can be done by adjusting the volume, gain, or tone of the sound.

Some pedals are used to boost a certain frequency (treble or bass) which is desired. There are also pedals that simulate different types of distortion by overdriving the input signal and clipping off the peaks of the waveform.

How to Pick the Best Guitar Pedal for You

First, you need to understand what types of pedals there are and what they do. There are three main types of pedals: distortion, compression, and delay. A distortion pedal can be used to give your guitar a heavier sound or make it sound like a different instrument such as a synth, while a delay pedal can be used for creating suspenseful lines and making them sound mechanical.

Next, you have to figure out what kind of music style you play in order to find the appropriate pedal for it. For example: if you play rock music, then a wah-wah pedal may suit your needs best.

What Are Boost Guitar Effect Pedals?

Boost guitar effect pedals are devices that help guitar players boost the volume of their sound and increase the range of their signal. They are usually used to increase signal strength, adjust tone, and add effects.

Boost pedals can be used as a substitute for an amplifier because they can provide the same benefits but use less space and power. They work by boosting the signal which is then recorded by an amplifier or PA system.

Understanding Boost Guitar Pedals

Boost is a very popular feature on guitar pedals. It’s used to increase the volume of your signal, and it can be applied in many different ways. Boosted guitars have become very popular in recent years due to their ability to increase volume without distorting the original sound. The most common types of boost pedals include:

  • Distortion Pedals – This creates a harsh distorted sound with lots of low-end frequencies. These sounds are great for creating heavy metal riffs!
  • Overdrive Pedals – This increases the gain of your amp while still maintaining some clean tones. You’ll hear this when you play through a Marshall stack.

Different Types of Boost Guitar Pedals

There are many different types of boost guitar pedals available on the market. Some of them have a single knob that controls how much boost you want to add while others have multiple knobs and even switches.

The pedal that is most commonly used in the industry is the MXR M-133 Micro Amp, which has one level control knob. This pedal offers a great way to provide extra boost to your overdriven amp sound without any unwanted effects.

Different types of guitar pedals have different functions. For example, there are also pedals that offer distortion or fuzz sounds in addition to boosting your signal. The best thing about these pedals is that they can be combined with other effects for some really interesting and powerful sounds.

The Clean Boost Pedal

This category includes all those "boost" pedals where there isn't any added distortion at all. Instead, the boost simply increases the overall volume of the signal. This could mean boosting the input stage, increasing the output stage, or both. Often times these clean boost pedals don't even use true bypass circuitry. So when you turn the switch from OFF to ON, nothing happens until you hit the threshold. If you've ever used one of these pedals, you know how great they sound!

The Treble Boost Pedal

This one is pretty self explanatory. Treble boosters are great at boosting treble frequencies, usually from 300hz - 3khz. This is useful for cleaning up any harshness in your guitar sound. If you've ever played a metal band, chances are you know how important this kind of thing is.

The problem with using a treble booster is that it tends to make everything else muddy. So use sparingly.

EP Style Boost Pedal

These are pretty much exactly what they sound like. They take one input from your guitar/bass and send it through a series of tubes. Then out the back there's a knob that boosts the output. There are many variations in these types of pedals. Some only have 2 knobs, some 3. Some even have 4! And then there are those that have multiple inputs so you could run several guitars at once.

What is a boost pedal?

A boost pedal is simply a device that boosts the volume of your guitar signal to make it louder and more powerful. It's used for many different reasons:

  • Increase the power or volume of your amp when playing live in front of people.
  • Add extra gain to your preamp stage so you can get even more sound out of your amplifier.
  • Create distortion effects by boosting the input level into your overdrive/distortion circuit.

It is essentially a pre-amp that boosts the signal of your guitar or bass amp before it goes into your amplifier. It's used to make up for any lack in volume and power coming from your instrument itself. A lot of people use them as they're cheap and easy to get hold of. They can also be very useful when recording because they allow you to turn down the gain on your mic so that you don't have to worry about clipping.

How Do I Use A Boost Pedal?

Many guitarists use boost pedals to raise the volume of their amplifiers, to pronounce certain sections in songs and bring them forward in a mix.

Like with most guitar pedals, there are a lot to choose from, with many brands producing their own designs. The first thing you need to do when using any pedal is set it up correctly for maximum effect. This means that if you have an amp or PA system at home, then you should plug into this before setting up your effects chain. If you don’t already know how to connect your amplifier/PA to your effects loop, check out our guide on connecting amps and PAs here: How To Connect An Amplifier Or Power Amp To Your Effects Loop.



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