Best Boost Pedals Under $50

Top 3 Best Boost Pedals Under $50 (June 2024)

The Best Boost Pedals Under $50 (June 2024)

If you don't have that many pedals on your board and you're looking for a little extra pop. Without changing the tone you've built up and come to love. Getting one of the best boost pedal under $50 with it's own tone controls might be the way to go. If you have a multi-band equalizer in your setup already, you might just want a simple boost pedal under $50 that doesn't give you too much in terms of control. You'll take care of the tone elsewhere.

Enjoy Our List Of Best Boost Pedals Under $50

It's very easy to get overwhelmed while looking for the best boost pedals under $50 on the market. Deciding which is the right one for your is even more difficult. We've put this list together to help you decide which boost pedal under $50 is for you.

The Best Boost Pedals Under $50 Buyers Guide (June 2024)

  • 1. Kokko FBS2 Booster Pedal
  • 2. VSN Booster Boost Pedal
  • 3. AZOR Pure Boost Pedal
Kokko FBS2 Booster Pedal Image

Kokko FBS2 Booster Pedal

  • ✔ Higher Volume Without Colored Sound
  • ✔ Features Bass, Treble & Drive Control Knobs
  • ✔ Aluminum Alloy Chassis
  • ✔ Small & Portable Pedal - Fits On Even The Most Crowded Of Pedalboards

The Kokko FBS2 Booster mini guitar effects pedal is straightforward and to the point. It sounds really really good.

Kokko FBS2 Booster Pedal - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now


The Kokko Booster mini guitar effects pedal has a sturdy construction and sounds just as good as some more expensive, big name pedals available on the market. It might not have the same range and configuration options but within the remit of what it's capable of, it can achieve similar effects to the premium pedals on the market.

It is one of the only boost pedal in this price range with bass and treble controls which is really nice because it allows you to dial exactly the amount of warmth and bite you want from your sound. Mixed with a compressor this pedal can do everything from mellow blues, to psychedelic, to the funkiest funk. As a straight booster to cut the mix on a solo it will do that in spades and the two tone knobs allow you to change your tone as much or as little as you want.

The one drawback to this pedal is that it offers quite a bit of boost even with the drive knob turned all the way down. Ideally, with the drive knob all the way down you should get no boost and then could dial in exactly the amount you wanted. This would make the pedal much more versatile, especially when coupled with an overdrive pedal to kick the drive from subtle to in your face.

The Kokko Booster is more than capable to be used as a main drive pedal providing great balance of crunch and tone. That's why we think it's an easy recommendation for those looking for a budget boost pedal.

VSN Booster Boost Pedal Image

VSN Booster Boost Pedal

  • ✔ True Bypass
  • ✔ Durable Mini Metal Chassis
  • ✖ Not Many Review Sources To Compare
  • ✔ Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews (Where Found)

The VSN Booster boost guitar effects pedal doesn't have many reviews online but from what we were able to find it does seem to be a mainly positive collection. A worth while gamble we think.

VSN Booster Boost Pedal - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now
  • True gain booster, double +/- 15db equalization to make the purest sound with lowest losing
  • Create the rich distortion sound,make it more powerful
  • Durable metal case, mini size suit perfectly for your pedal board
  • True bypass provide transparent tone, LED indicator shows the working state
  • High quality guranteed, DC 9V Adapter power supply

This pedal gives a considerable increase in output, it's great for power chord sweeps and rhythm guitar work. Overall it's a great booster pedal providing subtle gain. When placed before an overdrive pedal it's a real game changer.  The VSN Booster boost guitar effects pedal boosts the signal and gives great tonal range. There are no lout clicks or pops when it's switched on, which is a common complain with 'budget' pedals. It's a well built, roadworthy, low costing pedal that is small enough to fit on almost anyones pedal board.

It's an easy recommendation from us, despite not being able to verify our opinion against too many online reviews and customer feedback. For the price it's a real steal and we think you should take a chance on it if you're looking for a solid budget boost pedal.

AZOR Pure Boost Pedal Image

AZOR Pure Boost Pedal

  • ✔ True Bypass Switching
  • ✔ Features Bass, Level, Tone & Gain Control Knobs
  • ✔ Aluminum Chassis
  • ✔ Small Sized Pedal - Easier To Find Room On Your Pedalboard

The AZOR Pure Boost mini guitar effects pedal is a very compact, solidly built booster. Comes packaged well, and includes rubber, and velcro pads for the bottom.

AZOR Pure Boost Pedal - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now
  • Level Knob:Control the sound volume with effect.
  • BASS Knob:Adjust the intensity of Boost.
  • Tone Knob:Control the tone of sound.
  • Power Supply9V DC (Negative in the center).
  • Input & Output Jack:Analogy though 1/4’’ mono audio jack.
  • LED Light:LED indicator shows the working state.
  • GAIN Knob:Adjust the intensity of distortion.
  • True Bypass:True bypass for zero tone coloration.
  • Full metal shell:Aluminum-alloy classic, stable and strong.

As you can see, AZOR have a classic mini size, convenient and durable. True bypass switch lets your instrument’s signal pass through a non-electronic bypass line when the effect is disengaged, feeding your amp with direct, unaltered signal from your instrument. There are three function knobs, namely LEVELTONE and BASS. You can just control three function knobs and choose the model you want to made you own music tone. Enjoy your own fun and colorful life.

The AZOR Pure Boost mini guitar effects pedal is very quiet. So quiet you'll be able to use it as a noise reduction tool by lowering the volume and treble on other pedals in the chain and simply boosting it with this. use it like a master volume control. By itself the pedal can be quite loud, offering plenty of clean headroom. The build is very solid, with the unit feeling heavier than expected. The bass and tone controls do work well, too, offering some preamp-like sculpting. It’s really a perfect pedal for those on a tight budget, looking to bring a boost to their setup.

We recommend it for beginners and those on a low budget. Check it out for youself



More Information Regarding Boost Pedals Under $50 (2024)

What Is A Boost Pedal?

In the interest of those who don't know much about boost pedals. Boost pedals simply boost your sound (you don't say). They increase the amount of signal going into your amplifier & push the initial gain stage much harder. The key to a boost pedal under $50 is that it can do all of this without distorting or muddying your overall tone.

Why Do I Need One Of The Best Boost Pedals Under $50?

A transparent boost guitar pedal or clean boost pedal can be a really useful sound for a guitarist to have on their pedalboard. Being able to control the amount of boost, bass and treble without subjecting your signal to overdrive. Boost pedals can increase the volume of a tube amp a little bit or a lot. It all depends on how you use your boost pedal.

The great thing about having a boost guitar pedal on your board is that it can enhance the limited sound of cheaper amps and guitars. If you have a low output setup don't worry, you can make use of a booster pedals party trick and step your whole rig up. Even if it's just to stand out for that guitar solo. It's not the perfect solution but it sure beats splashing the cash on a whole new setup if you're budget won't allow for it.

Boost pedals under $50 can help push the front end of your amplifier, add grit and more volume without distorting your signal. These pedals are really useful for low output pickups.

What Do Boost Pedals Do?

Boost pedals are designed with a simple purpose, that's why many of them are extraordinarily simplistic. A single volume knob and pedal button to activate and deactivate the boost pedal. It's worth noting however that although many may look the same, they are not all created equally. As with most pedals on the market one or two will be substantially better than the rest.

Clean boost pedals under $50 add more volume, perfect for solos and rhythm. This helps your sound push though the rest of the band's output at the times when all eyes should be on you. Boost pedals give your more headroom, flexibility & clarity. They're often used to accentuate the top-end frequencies of your tone.

Can Boost Pedals Effect Your Tone?

A boost pedal under $50 can result in your tone being changed. The best boost pedals will change it less than others. This combined with the placement of the boost pedal within your pedalboard and the amplifier you're using all contribute to how much or how little your tone is effected.

Boost pedals react differently to different amps. Knowing how your amp reacts to your amp or selection of amplifiers is important. Playing around with different combinations is advised.

Some of the most honest boost pedal manufacturers concede that their pedal effects tone. To help they come with built in tonal controls. These controls range from simple knobs to a complicated multi band equalizer.

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