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Audient iD4

Audient iD4 Buyers Guide Review (June 2021)

  • ✔ Zero-latency monitoring with monitor mix and pan
  • ✔ iD4’s Monitor Pan - create a balanced headphone mix
  • ✔ Monitor Mix feature lets you monitor a blend of both inputs and playbacks
  • ✔ Clean, punchy and musical character
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The Audient iD4 is an audio interface featuring two channels of incredible-sounding Audient preamps. With switchable impedance levels to exploit the best in every microphone. The iD4 also features digitally controlled preamps, which enable a greater dynamic range and a higher signal-to-noise ratio. With all this control, you can easily shape the sound the way you want it. Whether you're tracking a live performance or mixing on headphones.

Professional Quality Device

The iD4 is Audient's latest high-end audio interface. It offers a number of advanced features, including a switchable 96kHz sample rate. Two channels of Class A Mic Preamp, two channels of AES/EBU digital output,. Full MIDI I/O, 6.3mm jack Aux Sends and Inserts, and a digitally controlled analogue limiter on the output. The Audient iD4 is a 2 channel professional interface for Mac OS X and Windows. It's a simple, yet fantastic sounding interface that's an upgrade to Sound Devices' X-series.

High Quality Components

The iD4 is designed to provide all the connections and facilities you need. Ready to connect a computer, instrument or microphone and get recording straight away. With a choice of mic preamps, sample rates and connectivity options the iD4 has something to offer everyone. The all-metal construction and high quality components are designed to provide a lifetime of service. And the front panel layout is designed to be easy to use.

Portable And Functional

The iD4 is designed to form part of a compact portable recording system. With a form factor that enables it to fit on a standard rucksack strap making it ideal for mobile musicians. Or laptop-based home recording folk. The iD4 includes essential mixing functions such as gain and pan pots, and click-free mute and solo buttons. There are also inserts free sends for adding external effects such as vocal reverb or EQ. As well as a dedicated headphone bus for cueing.

It is the ultimate compact interface. Designed to offer a range of features that make it attractive to the most demanding home and project studio users. As well as the most cost-conscious professional facilities. The iD4's combines exceptional value, performance and connectivity. Which brings the best of Audient's experience to the world of computer-based audio systems.

The Verdict

The Audient iD4 is a great audio interface for any home recording studio. Especially one that is looking for a low cost, easy to use, and reliable audio interface. It is a 2 in, 2 out audio interface that has a USB 2.0 connection. And will work with any Windows or Mac computer. The Audient iD4 has a very easy to understand control panel. Which allows users to easily set their input and output levels. Overall a very good interface, well worth considering.

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