EarthQuaker Devices Acapulco Gold V2

EarthQuaker Devices Acapulco Gold V2 Distortion Pedal (May 2024)

  • ✔ Simple - Can't Get Much Simpler Than Volume & A Foot Switch
  • ✔ Warning - Described As "Very Loud"
  • ✔ Hand Built In Akron, Ohio, USA
  • ✔ Beautiful Design
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  • Measures; 4.75″ x 2.50″ x. 2.25″ with knob
  • Current Draw; 18mA
  • Input Impedance; 50K Ohm
  • Output Impedance; <10K Ohm
  • Power; Standard 9V DC Power Supply w/ 2.1mm Negative Center Barrel

The Acapulco Gold is a dirt-simple distortion device modeled after the sound of a cranked vintage Model T amplifier, bringing the openness, clarity, and crunch that only a dimed tube amp can provide, at a fraction of the size, and without expensive maintenance costs! We also decided to keep the controls of the Acapulco Gold as simple as possible. The footswitch turns the pedal on and off, and the giant knob controls the output volume. That’s it. The rest is at your fingertips.

The big knob sets the output level, sometimes known as Volume. With your guitar’s volume all the way up, the Acapulco Gold roars like a wide-open Model T on the verge of explosion. At just-barely-backed-off, the Gold becomes a raunchy overdrive. At minimum guitar volume settings, the Acapulco Gold delivers a hazy, Nashville-sounding spank to your tone.

The Acapulco Gold is a dirt-simple power amp distortion device that's based on the vibe of a cranked Sunn Model T. You know what's awesome? Vintage Sunn Amplifiers. You know what else is awesome? Simplicity. One button, one knob. How loud would you like it? Just move the knob. This is the spirit of rock and roll. Quit turning knobs and play that guitar like you mean it.

Don’t let the single big knob fool you—a rainbow of dark and dirty fuzz-like tones with massive bass and singing sustain exist within the Acapulco Gold, and dialing in the sounds you want couldn’t be any easier. Get yours today!

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