JOYO JF-03 Crunch

JOYO JF-03 Crunch Distortion Pedal Buyers Review (April 2024)

  • ✔ Classic British Rock Tone
  • ✔ True Bypass Switching
  • ✔ Features Gain, Volume & Tone Control Knobs
  • ✔ Strong Aluminum Alloy Casing
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  • Features true bypass wiring, quality components
  • A tone monster / arena rock pedal, designed to
  • Replicate sound of the Marshall crunch gain stage
  • Simple design and pedal interface, comes with 9V
  • Tone, Gain and Volume, what more could you need?
  • Color: Red

The Crunch Distortion features true bypass wiring & quality components. Truly it is a tone monster/arena rock pedal. Designed to replicate the sound of a Marshall cranked way up, the pedal delivers in spades. With plenty of gain and volume on tap as well as being massively touch responsive this pedal truly is a hidden secret within the JOYO ranks. Never judge a pedal by its cover..

This pedal has made big (sound) waves in all the online communities; and anyone who’s ever heard hair-band metal and early 80s rock knows that this thing is the real deal. It does what the Marshall heads of yesteryear could accomplish but only when turned up so loud the neighbors called the cops because they couldn’t watch Cheers, Newhart or the Growing Pains!The JF-03 pedal has been heard all over the world now, and more and more people are catching on to the fact that you don’t need a digital modeling amp and complex computer audio for live performances where you want to cover different styles of music.

Lower gain settings produce some brilliant ACDC style tones. Mid gain settings and you're in Guns N' Roses territory. When you max the gain knob you're happily hitting classic Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden and Metallica levels of Gain.

Simple design and pedal interface, comes with 9V battery. Tone, gain and volume controls. Anything from a brilliant clean boost to the sound of a Full Stack cranked up and everything in between, it's all at your fingertips with the Crunch Distortion!

Just grab one of these and you’ll be head-banging and thrashing in spandex with the best of them! The Crunch Distortion pedal is a bargain and a true dream to work with as a lead guitarist or a rhythm player who requires a second level of gain, particularly for songs featuring sections with multiple distortion sounds. Use your amp’s normal Drive channel for tone A and then when you need that little extra push for the final creshendo or the verse and chorus of your power ballad from Poison, click on the JF-03 -- this thing will get you there!

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