TC Helicon Perform-VK

TC Helicon Perform-VK Buyers Guide Review (June 2024)

  • ✔ Built-in adaptive tone plus sweet Harmony, reverb, and echo effects
  • ✔ Ultimate stand-mount vocal processor
  • ✔ Multi track 4-In, 8-out
  • ✔ ¼-Inch stereo keyboard input/output
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The TC Helicon Perform VK is the ideal vocal processor for pianists and keyboard players, with this device having a range of functionality; TC Helicon has really created an effects pedal that can be used both in live performances and studio recordings, with the sheer quality of internal hardware. The interface is incredibly simple to use, and the device can be used with a 3 button, or 6 button foot pedal to allow for ease of switching between effects during a performance.

PERFORM-VK combines studio-grade vocal effects with convenient stereo keyboard I/O, providing an unparalleled live performance experience for you and your audience. And thanks to built-in, multi-channel USB audio, you’ve also got a full recording interface right at your fingertips.

The keyboard integration means that Perform-VK can ‘listen’ to the chords played on keys and use them to intelligently determine harmonies. But even if you don’t have a keyboard on hand, the built-in RoomSense mic lets you practice without a mic and automatically controls harmony. Perform-VK is also compatible with remote mic control and with optional foot switching through the company’s MP-75 or MP-76 microphones or Sennheiser’s e835 FX mic and Switch-3 or Switch-6 footswitches. There’s also a multitrack four-in, eight-out USB audio interface option through which you can easily record your creations.

Those who will benefit from this the most are musicians in small bands who take care of their own sound. However it’s also a great tool for any band with a keyboard player and a shortage of sound engineers or backing vocalists. The TC Helicon Play Acoustic is the ideal all-in-one effects processor for singer/songwriters who play the acoustic guitar and want an effects pedal which integrates vocals and acoustic guitar. This device is a premium-grade vocal and guitar processor, and as you can hear from the demonstrations, offers superior sound quality.

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