Zoom G3X Multi Effects Pedal Buyers Review (January 2021)

Zoom G3X

Zoom G3X

  • ✔ 3 Large LCD Displays
  • ✔ 22 Amp & 94 Stomp Box Models
  • ✔ 40 Seconds Recording Capacity
  • ✔ Over 10 Built In ZFX-IV DSP Effects
With the Zoom G3X, you'll be able to express yourself in ways you never thought possible.
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  • 94 guitar effects, including distortion, compression, phasing, flanging, chorus, delay, and reverb, plus 22 popular amp and cabinet models
  • Use up to 6 effects and models simultaneously, chained together in any order
  • Built-in expression pedal for volume control, pitch bend, and effects modulation
  • 100 patches and ultra-fast patch change speed
  • Tap Tempo, onboard chromatic tuner, integrated rhythm patterns, and Looper
  • Dual output jacks for connection to amps or headphones and balanced XLR output for DI connection to mixing boards and recorders
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries or supplied AC adapter, with alkaline battery life of 6 hours

Over a hundred different ways to craft your sound.

The arsenal of effects provided by the G3X include dozens of compressors, noise gates, filters, equalizers, boosters, overdrives, fuzzes, phasers, flangers, chorusing, pitch shift, tremolo, vibrato, and ring modulation—even simulations of both classic and contemporary pedals. In addition, there are 22 amp / speaker cabinet models, designed to emulate the world’s most-loved vintage and modern amplifiers, both tube and solid-state. Its built-in expression pedal can be used for real-time volume control or to affect parameters such as delay time, modulation speed, or pitch bend.

What’s more, you can use up to 6 effects and amp models simultaneously, arranged in any order you like—you can even reverse signal flow at the touch of a button.

The G3X provides a handy Tap Tempo function that allows you to to perfectly synchronize delay times and modulation rates to the rhythm of the song you’re playing. It can be set and adjusted in real time, too, using a dedicated button or optional foot switch controller.

The G3X’s built-in chromatic tuner supports all standard and drop tunings and is instantly accessible at all times. You can opt to either bypass the currently selected effect when tuning, or to mute the signal altogether so you can tune in silence.

Rhythm training is an important part of every guitarist’s craft, and the G3X makes it easy and fun to do, thanks to its 41 realistic-sounding rhythm patterns: high-quality samples of actual drums playing in a variety of different genres, from rock to jazz, blues to ballads, punk to funk.

Explore your creativity to its fullest with the G3X Looper, which allows you to layer up to 40 seconds of performance, through the effect or effects of your choice. The Looper can even be used in conjunction with Rhythm accompaniments so you can play along with the pattern of your choice.

This review seems to give a good overview of the G3X

“The Zoom G3X comes with pedal effects, amp models, cabinet models, looper, drums and in addition stores up to 100 user patches. There are 3 foot switches, an expression pedal, 3 clear LCD displays for effects, 3 knobs per display and an array of push buttons to scroll through and change settings. The back panel has guitar in, stereo effects out, external control, USB programming port and power. It’s possible to have up to 6 effects per patch depending on processor loading. Control is intuitive and simple to navigate but do study the user manual first.”

We completely agree and can’t recommend this pedal enough.