How Does A Reverb Pedal Work?

How Does A Reverb Pedal Work? - Best Guitar Equipment Q&A

A reverb pedal is a popular effect pedal used on guitar amplifiers and electric guitars. It is used to simulate the effect that is caused by a room's reverberations. The pedal usually consists of a simple spring-loaded enclosure with electronics mounted inside. The enclosure usually has a tube or steel chassis with a volume control and a simple on/off switch. A reverb pedal is different from an echo or delay pedal because it creates a reverb in the space around you while an echo or delay pedals creates a sound that is either delayed or repeated. A reverb pedal can be used to create a variety of effects such as a room tone, a slight echo, or a sense of spaciousness.

Why Choose A Reverb Pedal?

Reverb pedals are a popular choice among musicians because they can create the effect of a room tone or provide a sense of spaciousness. They're also used as an effect in music studios to create ambiance.

These pedals typically have a simple volume knob and an on/off switch, which makes them easy to control and use. Additionally, they are fairly inexpensive and can be easily mounted on your pedalboard or connected through an effects chain.

A reverb pedal is a convenient option for guitarists who want to add some ambiance to their sound. But don't want to spend hours tweaking knobs and moving amplifiers in the studio.

The Benefits Of Using A Reverb Pedal

Use a reverb pedal to create a sense of space and depth in your music. This allows you to have more room for the sound of your guitar, vocals or any other instrument. It also gives you more time to explore different sounds.

For example, if you are looking for a new sound on your guitar. Connect your amp to a reverb pedal and then play around with the effects settings. You can even use it with a delay effect to create interesting textures and interesting tones and rhythms.

How Do Reverb Pedals Actually Work?

If you've ever wondered how reverb pedals work or how they were able to create the effect in the first place, read on.

It all has to do with vibrations. Waves are vibrations that have a certain frequency and amplitude. When a wave interacts with something, it creates pressure or disturbance in that object and those disturbances create sound waves. The pedal sends an electronic signal into the metal tube of the enclosure that causes it to vibrate. The vibration of this metal tube is then transferred back into your amplifier. As well as back into your instrument as sound waves.

When you press down on the foot-operated switch, it activates the power supply inside of the pedal. Letting the circuit run through its entire cycle. While continuously sending an oscillating signal into the tube of the pedal's enclosure. This allows for resonance to happen on both ends of your signal before it hits your amp. Therefore creating a richer sounding reverb effect.

Digital Reverb Vs Analog Reverb Pedals

Reverb is an effect that was perfected over thousands of years of music history. An analog pedal will have a more natural sound than a digital reverb pedal.


Digital reverb is one of the most commonly used effects in the music industry. It is used to simulate the spacious feeling of a hall or room, or the natural sound of an acoustic instrument. As its name suggests, it is digital; it is a digital effect that uses a digital delay circuit to simulate the sound of a reverb.


Analog reverb was used for several decades in the recording industry. However it was replaced by digital reverb in the 1980s. Analog reverb is used to achieve a more natural sound than digital reverb.

There are many guitarists who believe analog pedals are superior and it's hard to argue with them. However digital pedals are by far more reliable. They can have their settings changes at a granular level. They don't require warming up or constant maintenance and they are usually cheaper. At the end of the day it's down to your personal choice. If you are interested in buying a reverb pedal, check out our article on the best reverb pedals on the market.

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