Ibanez 850 Fuzz Mini Fuzz Pedal

Ibanez 850 Fuzz Mini Fuzz Pedal Buyers Review (July 2024)

  • ✔ Small Footprint - Mini Pedal Will Take Up Little Room On Your Pedalboard
  • ✔ Well Respected Brand For Popular Effects Pedals
  • ✔ True Bypass Switching - Prevents Loss Of Signal Quality
  • ✔ Analog Circuitry - For A Warm, Organic Tone
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  • Compact fuzz pedal for electric guitar
  • All-analog signal path for maximum sonic integrity
  • True Bypass switching removes the effect circuit from your signal path when disengaged
  • Fine-tune your fuzz tone with Sustain, Tone and Level controls
  • Ideal for crowded pedalboards

Based on the circuitry of legendary effector OD850, the Ibanez FXMINI delivers a great, fuzzy overdrive sound. This mini reissue is ideal in terms of pedal board space, but it has modern features like a centre negative powerjack as well. Dime the sustain and disappear for days.

Two small knobs allow you to adjust the Tone and Level while a larger knob in the middle of the pedal allows you to adjust the Sustain so you can tinker and tailor until you find your perfect sound. It comes with everything you need, and nothing you don"t. Tight and focused with enough spatter to give it character. Featuring true bypass providing the shortest, most direct signal path possible the FZMINI doesn’t colour your sound when you don’t want it to.

We're really impressed with the quality of this mini fuzz pedal. Not often does a mini live up to the hype of it's big brother but in this case the 850 Fuzz Mini really is a great stand alone pedal. Get one and give it a try!

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