iZotope Spire Studio Buyers Guide Review (March 2021)

iZotope Spire Studio

iZotope Spire Studio

  • ✔ Very unique design
  • ✔ Record, edit, mix and share tracks from your phone
  • ✔ Professional microphone with award winning sound processing technology
  • ✔ Compatible with Android, iOS and iPad
The iZotope Spire Studio is an audio interface designed with the traveling musician in mind.
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Physically, the unit is very small, making it very portable and so, able to be transported almost anywhere.

The unit has 2 XLR/TRS combination inputs so it’s perfect for the singer/songwriter who wants to record vocals and an accompanying instrument simultaneously, such as guitar or piano.

Where the unit differs when compared to most audio interfaces, is in it’s connectivity to the DAW (which happens wirelessly).

The iZotope Spire Studio is only compatible with the Spire app, which can be downloaded onto your android or iOS application, and so this may be a limitation for some.

The audio interface can be powered through a 5v power supply, or it can be battery-powered, which allows for up to 4+ hours of usage.

Overall, This unit is definitely suited for the musician on the move, who are looking for an easy way to record, without necessarily being fussy about the specific DAW they record on.

However, for the price, we think that this is quite expensive, considering the functionality. If you can deal with a unit which is slightly larger, such as the M-Audio M-Track 8X4M Audio Interface, which provides better functionality and higher quality recordings, then we recommend taking a look at that instead.

None-the-less, Spire Studio have created a product which suits a specific criterion, of being highly portable.

Designed to be portable, the unit itself is reassuringly weighty, if a little cumbersome (for a mobile-centric device). Featuring an onboard, front-facing omnidirectional microphone and two XLR/TS combo ports around the rear, with phantom power switching, Spire connects to your iOS device via WiFi. Two 3.5mm headphone ports round off the audio connectivity; one located below the mic and one on the rear, while audio is captured at 24-bit/48kHz.

The hardware very much keeps alive the original mission of capturing ideas quickly. We were able to capture recordings right away, without even needing the app. Not only is speed a priority, but also sound quality. To be sure of achieving the best possible recording, Spire features a one-click sound-checking function, which is as simple as it sounds.

The original app used iZotope’s vast heritage of audio processing and continues that here. The layout is familiar to those who used the original version. One feature we felt was lacking, previously, was the ability to trim audio files. This new edition doubles the number of tracks to eight and a trim function has now been added. Despite the eight tracks, only two can be recorded simultaneously and plugging into the first input will defeat the onboard mic. To keep the mic you’ll need to plug your external source into the second input.

Editing tracks can be achieved within the app with very simple mixing and DSP options at your disposal. Various amp models, reverbs and delays are available, so you can effectively polish a whole track within the Spire ecosystem and publish to social media directly. Alternatively, if you feel your project could do with some finer tweaks, a stems export function is also available for easy transfer of any recordings to your DAW.

It may seem pricey for a two-in, two-out interface, especially one tied to iOS, but as a standalone recorder it’s worth it. The speed in which you can lay down ideas is perfect for creative types, backed by powerful iZotope software tools to take those ideas to fruition. In future we’d like to see the hardware opened up to all platforms, with MIDI added. For now though, Spire Studio ticks lots of boxes for anyone looking to expand their iOS production setup.