JHS Sweet Tea V3

JHS Sweet Tea V3 Overdrive And Distortion Pedal (June 2024)

  • ✔ Two Pedals In One
  • ✔ Choose Which Direction The Circuit Flows
  • ✔ A Versatile Overdrive & Distortion Pedal
  • ✔ Made In The USA
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  • 2 Overdrive circuits from the Moonshine V2 and Angry Charlie V3
  • Both circuits can be used separately or together
  • Sequence switchable in signal chain
  • True bypass
  • JHS Moonshine Section Controls for Volume, Drive Tone and Clean
  • Angry Charlie Section Controls for Volume, Drive, Bass, Mid and Treble
  • Toggle switch to select the order of overdrive circuits in the signal chain
  • 2-Way toggle switch to select between 2 levels of drive saturation
  • Status LEDs
  • Metal housing
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 110 x 125 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 360 g
  • Made in USA

Guitarists are always looking for a better sound, and a better overdrive pedal is one of the best ways to get there. However, most guitarists end up with low quality overdrive pedals. Pedals that don't actually do anything to improve their sound. These pedals are poorly made, have sloppy metalwork and sloppy mountings. Therefore generally do not work very well if at all.

JHS Sweet Tea V3 is designed to provide a creamy overdrive that can be used in a wide variety of musical situations. JHS Sweet Tea V3 is made with high quality, durable components that are designed to last for years of use. It is built with carefully selected, high quality metalwork that will stand up to the rigors of live, touring use.

Quality Is Key

The quality of the components of JHS Sweet Tea V3 does not end at the design and mountings, however. JHS Sweet Tea V3 is also made with the highest quality parts and materials that will allow it to produce the warm, natural overdrive sound that you can hear on many of your favorite recordings. It can be used with any amplifier and is a great addition to any setup. The pedal is designed to provide a full range of transparent overdrive and distortion effects and is tailored for blues, hard rock, and metal styles.

The pedal is compatible with most amplifiers and can be used in conjunction with other effects. It is easy to use, has simple controls, and is affordable. The pedal is extremely versatile and can be used for many different types of music. It is the perfect pedal to use for blues, hard rock, and metal. Add a little crunch or a lot of crunch to your tones. It can also be used in conjunction with distortion pedals to create a heavier and more overdriven tone. It is a great pedal for people who like to experiment with their tone.

A Handmade Masterpiece

The Sweet Tea V3 is a hand-made overdrive pedal that provides classic, warm and rich overdrive tones. The Sweet Tea V3 was designed with the player in mind and is based on the same circuit as the original Sweet Tea pedal. It's a true bypass pedal, meaning it doesn't color your tone when turned off. The Sweet Tea V3 is designed with a wide range of control. Therefore the player is able to achieve a variety of different overdrive tones. From a high end boost, to a modern scooped overdrive, to a warm, full, and fat overdrive. The Sweet Tea V3 is hand-made in the U.S. It is made with high quality components, including a true-bypass foot switch, a heavy duty Neutrik jack, and a sturdy, powder coated, steel enclosure.

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