Best Cheap Looper Pedals On The Market

Top 4 Best Cheap Looper Pedals On The Market (July 2024)

The Best Cheap Looper Pedals On The Market (July 2024)

Cheap looper pedals are often referred to as ‘loop pedals’ or ‘looping stations. The best cheap looper pedals on the market provide you with tons of overdubbing ability. Some loopers even allow you to add an infinite number of overdubs to your loops. Meaning your imagination is the only limit to the music you’re able to create.

The Best Cheap Looper Pedals On The Market Buyers Guide (July 2024)

  • 1. TC Electronic Ditto Looper Pedal
  • 2. Donner Looper Pedal
  • 3. Rowin LN-332 Looper Pedal
  • 4. LEKATO Looper Pedal
TC Electronic Ditto Looper Pedal Image

TC Electronic Ditto Looper Pedal

  • ✔ Highly Intuitive Pedal
  • ✔ 5 Minutes Of Looping
  • ✔ Unlimited Overdubs
  • ✔ True Bypass Switching

The TC Electronic Ditto Looper Pedal features a wealth of cool creative features that’ll see you jam along with the cream of the crop in music today via the innovative StarJam feature

TC Electronic Ditto Looper Pedal - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now
  • Highly intuitive looper pedal built for guitarists expands on the classic DITTO LOOPER with stereo I/O and loop import/export
  • Stereo inputs and outputs for major setup flexibility – you can even plug in 2 instruments
  • Export loops to PC or Mac to work with in your DAW, and import complex backing tracks into the looper to impress on stage
  • 5 minutes of looping time with unlimited overdubs and undo/redo for total creative freedom
  • True bypass allows for optimum clarity and zero high-end loss when the pedal is off
  • Analog-Dry-Through maintains total integrity of analog dry signal path even when looper is engaged
  • 24-bit uncompressed audio for ultimate sound quality
  • Runs on 9 V batteries or POWERPLUG 9 power supply to fit your needs (not included)
  • Access a wealth of StarJam loops by famous guitarists for hours and hours of fun, practice, and inspiration

The most intuitive and amazing looper known to musickind is back. Packing a wealth of cool creative features that’ll see you jam along with the cream of the crop in music today via the innovative StarJam feature, while creating multi-layered masterpieces in seconds flat. But first and foremost, DITTO STEREO LOOPER is here to give all you loop lovers what you’ve been craving the most – dirt simple looping in stereo!

You - In Stereo

There’s nothing like that super-wide sonic perspective you get from a stereo rig, it just rules! So why should stereo devotees not have a high-quality compact looper just like the mono-riggers? That’s why DITTO STEREO LOOPER offers first-rate stereo I/O options alongside True-Bypass, Analog-Dry-Through, the option of running on a 9v battery and 24-Bit uncompressed audio for maximum you. So loop that E-chord and be blown away over and over and over again.

Rock With The Best

In order to progress as a musician you need someone that constantly pushes you and your creativity to its very limits and beyond, and who’s better suited to do exactly that than the world’s greatest musicians! Enter StarJam, a cool and innovative concept that lets you load pre-recorded loops made by the likes of John Petrucci, Steve Morse, Guthrie Govan and Paul Gilbert into DITTO STEREO LOOPER, supplying you with hours of inspiration so you can progress to the next level. We won’t promise fame, glory and hot tubs, but we will promise an instant boost in creativity and fun!

StarJam - Jamming With Rock Royalty

So, what’s cooler than looping? Looping with the stars! Star jam allows you to do just that! We’ve got the coolest guys out there providing you with loops for practice, inspiration and having fun - free of charge!

How Do You Ditto?

DITTO STEREO LOOPER makes looping as easy as 1-2-3. No hassle or needlessly complicated stuff, Ditto Stereo Looper is boiled down to the essentials and makes control intuitive yet flexible, so guitarists can focus on what matters most: playing and performing. You press once to record, press once again to play the loop. Press once to add another layer of sounds (something you can keep repeating until you run out of ideas). You press and hold to Undo a layer and press and hold again to Redo. Press twice to stop, after which you can press and hold to clear the loop. Ah, if only life were this simple.

So what's the verdict? Great for quick loops. Overall, simple and fun to lay down a rhythm and lead over. It's one of the simplest looper pedals on the market but don't let that mislead you. What it does, it does very well.

Donner Looper Pedal Image

Donner Looper Pedal

  • ✔ 3 Modes - Half Speed, Normal & Reverse
  • ✔ 10 Minutes Of Looping
  • ✔ True Bypass Switching
  • ✔ Small Durable Aluminum Chassis

The Donner Looper mini guitar effects pedal is the perfect blend of quality, creativity and simplicity.

Donner Looper Pedal - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now
  • Three models:1/2 Speed Mode,NORMAL Mode,Reverse Mode
  • LED Light:LED indicator shows the working state
  • Level Knob:Control the sound volume with looper
  • Input & Output Jack:Analogy though 1/4’’ mono audio jack
  • True Bypass:True bypass for zero tone coloration
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Working Current: 96 mA
  • Power Supply: 9V DC adapter
  • Dimensions: 75mm (D)*36mm (W)*40mm (H)
  • Weight: 210g (with box)

Good Loop

With 10 minutes of looping time and unlimited overdubs and undo/redo functionality, Donner looper is the perfect blend of quality, creativity and simplicity. You can import/export loops from PC(44.1 kHz, 24 bit, below Win 8). The looper with the LED indicator, and shows the looper working status.

Easy to Control

There is one function Level knob and three models:1/2 Speed Mode, NORMAL Mode, Reverse Mode. Control the level function knob and model to made loop. Donner Looper makes looping as easy as 1-2-3 for everyone. No hassle or needlessly complicated stuff.

Smaller Design

As you can see, new Donner Looper have a smaller design size, classic white body , convenient and durable. Its ultra simple design and super mini size, made of aluminum alloy, very convenient and durable. Let you out to show there is no burden. Enjoy your own fun and colorful life.

This pedal is excellent for people learning how to play guitar. If you are just getting started and not ready to play with a full band yet, this pedal will allow you to play along by yourself and get used to your rhythm and timing. An easy recommendation for us.

Rowin LN-332 Looper Pedal Image

Rowin LN-332 Looper Pedal

  • ✔ 10 Minutes Of Clear Looping
  • ✔ Simple Interface - Level Control Knob
  • ✔ Solid Chassis - High Quality Zinc Alloy
  • ✔ Super Small Durable Design

The Rowin LN-332 Looper mini guitar effects pedal is a super mini size, made of zinc alloy, convenient and durable.

Rowin LN-332 Looper Pedal - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now
  • Working Current: 22mA
  • On/Off LED indicate effect or bypass
  • LEVEL Knob adjust the the play output volume
  • INPUT Jack: 1/4” mono audio jack, for connecting Guitar
  • OUTPUT Jack: 1/4” mono audio jack, outputs the signal
  • DC In power Jack: DC 9V (negative in the center)
  • True Bypass
  • Push down the footswitch to toggle between on and bypass status
  • Fits for guitar, bass, ukulele, chromatic and violin.
  • Record/Playback stop/Overdub Delete

The compact Looper pedal from Rowin will enhance any guitarist performance with the capability to record, playback, overdub as well as store and upload pre-recorded sounds and tracks from a Windows based PC. With a click of the footswitch, the player can seamlessly move between modes, and utilise up to the 10 minutes of recording loop time available.
It’s designed for guitarists, it can save what you last played when you unplugging the pedal. This means absolutely zero worries, as the music you have created stays stored and is ready to go when you need it - be it just jamming on ideas, rehearsal, live performance or studio.

Overall, the fact that the Rowin LN-332 Looper mini guitar effects pedal is so small makes it easy to transport. It does however make it a little harder to stomp on compared to the bigger pedals. The push button is very responsive and the volume knob is big enough that it is easy to control. It is close to true bypass, meaning it makes almost no noise when bypassed. Another recommended looper pedal, for those who would prefer to have a smaller sized pedal without sacrificing any quality.

LEKATO Looper Pedal Image

LEKATO Looper Pedal

  • ✔ 5 Minutes Of Loop Time
  • ✔ Simple Interface - Single Level Control Knob
  • ✔ Durable Aluminum Chassis
  • ✔ Small Size - Fits On Even The Most Crowded Pedalboards

The LEKATO Looper guitar effects pedal is designed for guitar or bass for recording. It is a powerful pedal with a compact and convenient design.

LEKATO Looper Pedal - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now
  • Maximum loop length : 5 minutes
  • Dimensions : 90mm(D) x 40mm(W) x 49.5mm(H)
  • Level Knob:Control the sound volume with looper.
  • Input & Output Connector Type : Standard 1/4’’jack-mono/TS.
  • Power input : Standard 9V DC
  • USB Connector type : Micro - B USB
  • 48K/24bit sampling rate, lossless, uncompressed, professional tone quality.
  • 5 minute loop time and an unlimited amount over overdubs.
  • Come with internal memory, can use USB for upload and download.
  • Ultra-simple single-knob operation sets loop playback volume.

What's interesting about the LEKATO Looper guitar effects pedal is that it comes in a durable aluminum alloy casing. Not many budget pedals do, many come in plastic casings to keep the costs down. The Looper is built to last and if you look after it you're sure to get many years out of it.

The Looper sounds great. It's equipped with a 24bit convertor which means you'll be getting uncompressed audio which means it'll sound more authentic. Overall we think it's a solid budget looper pedal.

More Information Regarding Cheap Looper Pedals (2024)

What Is A Looper Pedal?

A looper pedal is a composition, rehearsal, and performance tool that creates loops on the fly.  A loop is created by recording any segment of sound into the pedal. The pedal then automatically plays whatever was recorded, over and over until you push stop. Loop pedals effectively allow you to accompany yourself by gradually building up layer upon layer of sound. Different looper pedals will provide you with different length of recording time in terms on minutes of looping. Some are easy to use some are more complex loop station models.

Many of the best pedal loopers have true bypass switching. This allows the signal to pass through unaltered when disengaged.

Why Should You Get A Looper Pedal?

By using a looper pedal, a singer-guitarist in a one person band can play the backing chords (or riffs) to a song. Then loop them with the pedal, sing and do a guitar solo over the chords. Some units allow a performer to layer multiple loops, enabling the performer to create the effect of a full band.

The Benefits Of A Cheap Looper Pedal

The best cheap looper pedals are incredibly handy to have for both practice and live performances.

Practicing with a looper, much like practicing with a metronome, will help you work on your internal timing. With the added benefit of hearing harmony at the same time.

Loopers give you the ability to expand your sound as a solo artist and increase the potential of what you can play. Looper pedals are an honest, accurate, and impartial judge of your own playing.

Using A Looper Pedal

Any guitar player worth their salt knows that a loop pedal can only boost the versatility of your arsenal.

The loop pedal is as simple or complex as you want it to be depending on how you use it. Some looper pedals enable you to store and transfer recordings to your computer.

Since each looper provides unique features, giving your owner’s manual, a quick read is the best way to learn how to use your new looper pedal.

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