Catalinbread Octapussy

Catalinbread Octapussy Octave And Fuzz Pedal (May 2024)

  • ✔ Features Attn(Attenuate), Gain & Body Control Knobs
  • ✔ Based On An Old Classic Circuit
  • ✔ Durable Metal Chassis
  • ✔ Beautiful Pedal Design
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  • Since Octapussy is expressly designed to be interactive with your guitar’s controls, it should best be placed as early in the signal chain as possible, preferably right after your guitar and definitely not after any buffered pedal.
  • Fuzz pedals are great stacked after the Octapussy. The Octapussy will match up great with the fuzz and cut right through it.
  • Amp-style overdrives should definitely be placed after the Octapussy. The Octapussy into the DLS MkII is an amazing combination.
  • Octapussy can run on 9volts DC all the way up to 18volts DC.
  • Play sweet, breathy, delicate octave-up melodies up high on the neck.
  • Play epic soaring leads that are full sounding with upper harmonics that bloom and bloom as you hold that bend.
  • Get tough sounding almost ring modulated double-stops that growl when you sustain it.
  • Obtain sounds that evoke Caribbean steel drums.
  • Riff out with a textured, harmonically rich fuzz tone that can achieve cello/sax-like qualities.
  • Achieve mysterious sounding droning melodies.

The Catalinbread Octapussy Octave & Fuzz Pedal

If you're a guitarist, then you already know that a quality effect pedal is an absolute necessity. For example, you may have heard of the Catalinbread Octapussy. This pedal is a top quality octave and fuzz pedal for guitar.

High End Fuzz Pedal

Catalinbread is a boutique company specializing in high-end guitar effects pedals. They are known for their unique designs and their dedication to quality. The Octapussy is no different. It is a high-quality octaver designed to create a thick, warm sound. Made out of high-quality components, it is hand-built and tested in the USA. It is designed to add an octave below the original signal so that the guitar player can play guitar-bass lines. A great unit for any guitarist.

Complicated But Dynamic

The Catalinbread Octapussy gives you the ability to get sounds that are very complicated in nature. This is a pedal that has a lot of features. This makes it a bit more complicated to use than other models on the market. Giving you a lot of control over the sound you are trying to achieve. If you are a musician who is looking for a fuzz that will give you a lot of sound control. It's quite possible this may be the pedal for you. The Catalinbread Octapussy is well worth the investment. If you are looking for a pedal that gives you control over the sound you are trying to achieve.

The Verdict

Designed to get fat, thick tones that are smooth and musical and respond like a great tube amp. The Octapussy is a fuzz/octave that can help you create an infinite number of sounds. The Octapussy is a top quality octave and fuzz pedal for guitar. It is made with high quality components and is hand-crafted in North Carolina, USA.

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