Electro Harmonix Micro POG

Electro Harmonix Micro POG Polyphonic Octave Generator Pedal

  • ✔ Polyphonic Octave Generator
  • ✔ Fast, Reactive Tracking
  • ✔ True Bypass Switching
  • ✔ Makes A 6 String Guitar Sound Like A 12 String Guitar
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The Legenday and classic original POG won top awards from every major magazine on every continent for its flawless polyphonic tracking and musical flexibility. The Micro POG delivers the same perfect tracking and smooth polyphony in a simplified design. Now in a small pedalboard-friendly diecast chassis, the Micro POG delivers and will blow you away the first time you use it.

  • DRY Knob - Controls the output volume of the DRY signal. The DRY signal is the signal present at the INPUT jack. As this knob is turned clockwise, the volume of the DRY signal will increase.
  • SUB OCTAVE Knob - Controls the output volume of the SUB OCTAVE signal. The SUB OCTAVE signal is one octave below the original input signal, half the frequency of the input signal. As this knob is rotated clockwise, the volume of the SUB OCTAVE signal will increase.
  • OCTAVE UP Knob - Controls the output volume of the OCTAVE UP signal. The UP OCTAVE signal is one octave above the original input signal or twice the frequency of the original input signal. The volume of the UP OCTAVE signal will increase as this knob is rotated clockwise.

So what do we think overall? The Micro POG adds a sweet under-tone when followed by an envelope filter pedal, and gets explosive when in front of an overdrive or distortion pedal. The pedal produces beautiful tones. Whether you're trying to imitate a 12 string or a bass, or running it through a fuzz pedal for that old school Hendrix sound, you're going to love this pedal as much as we do. Another yes from us.

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