GUITARX X9 Mini Tuner Pedal Buyers Guide Review (June 2024)

  • ✔ Large Display - Easy To Read LED Display
  • ✔ Strong Durable Design - Rugged Metal Chassis Gives Good Protection While On The Road
  • ✔ True Bypass - Signal Routed Straight Through With No Loss
  • ✔ Accurate - Advanced Micro Processor & Sensors Make This Tuner Very Reliable
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  • Strong metal chassis and highly durable design  – Suitable for touring musician
  • Can be used for both Bass and Electric Guitar
  • Functions for Flat/Drop tunings up to 2 whole tones below standard pitch
  • When in use, it mutes the output signal, which is useful for live performances
  • Large LED display for clear reading in dark environments i.e on-stage
  • Fast functioning and highly accurate (being within 0.5% of perfect tuning
  • Large tuning frequency range: A0 (27.50hZ) – C8 (4186hz)
  • Includes 5-year Manufacturers Warranty

The GUITARX X9 Mini is a guitar effects pedal that is used to tune the guitar quickly and precisely. It is a small, lightweight pedal that comes with a large LCD screen that makes it easy to see the settings. The X9 has a built-in microphone that automatically senses the pitch of the guitar and then displays the note on the screen. It has buttons to select the 'type', 'mode' and the option to choose the 'pitch' of the note that is being displayed. It also has a button for bypassing the tuner, and a switch for turning on the tap tempo.

The tuner works with all the common tuning types for guitars including standard, alternate, drop D, open D, and open G. It also works with basses and ukuleles. It can also be used to tune other instruments including mandolins, violins, banjos, and more.

Guitarx x9 Tuning Capabilities

This pedal will tune your guitar quickly and precisely. The tuner is very easy to use and can be used by beginner guitarists, as well as experienced guitarists. It is very small so it can be taken anywhere, even on the go. This tuner will tune your guitar all the way from the low B string to the high E string. It does this by listening to the pitch of the note.

Then tuning your guitar until it is in exactly how you want it. It does this in the following manner: 1. First the tuner listens for the pitch of the note. It will listen for about 6 seconds then it will give the user a visual indication of the pitch. 2. Next the tuner will listen for the pitch for about 3 seconds. 3. If the guitar is not in tune, the tuner will adjust the pitch of the strings until it is perfect. 4. If the guitar is in tune, the tuner will flash the green light.

The X9 Mini is designed to fit on a pedal board, and can be used as a replacement to any other tuning pedal.

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