Snark SN-10S Tuner Pedal Buyers Guide Review (November 2020)

Snark SN-10S Tuner Pedal

Snark SN-10S Tuner Pedal

  • ✔ Strong, Sturdy Metal Case
  • ✔ True Bypass Feature
  • ✔ Chromatic Tuner
  • ✔ Large Bright Display
Snark SN-10S guitar tuning pedal's die-cast metal casing feels capable of handling the rough-and-tumble life of heavy gigging.
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  • Huge EZ-read display
  • Blazingly fast
  • True bypass
  • Pitch calibration
  • Die-cast metal case
  • Fully chromatic

Already a massive hit with musicians and dealers with their highly popular range of clip-on tuners and metronomes, US Company SNARK introduce their first pedal tuner, the SN10.

The Snark SN10 has a host of features demanded by players worldwide, for perfect tuning in live and studio situations. With its trademark big and bright display, and fast and smooth pitch tracking, the SN10 also has true bypass switching, and is fully chromatic with a handy pitch calibration feature (415-466Hz).

Other handy features include a mute output jack socket (a must-have for the gigging musician) and 9V power input/output sockets that can power another pedal from a standard 9V supply (not included), all housed in a tough, road-proof die-cast unit, with easy battery access. A flat baseplate ensures easy attachment to pedalboards, but the SN10 also comes with a set of handy stick-on feet.

The Snark SN-10S Stage and Studio Tuner is designed to get your guitar or bass in tune fast when you need it. The true bypass allows you to have it in your pedal chain without interrupting your signal flow. The bright display lets you see each note clearly even on stage at dark gigs.

If you’re looking for something a little different. This chrome, straight forward tuning pedal could be exactly what you’re looking for.