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Jackson Audio Prism Boost Pedal Buyers Review (October 2020)

Jackson Audio Prism Boost Pedal

Jackson Audio Prism Boost Pedal

  • ✔ Takes Your Guitars Natural Tones & Allows You To Boost It
  • ✔ A Cornerstone For Your Rig For Years To Come
  • ✔ Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • ✔ True Bypass Switching
The Jackson Audio Prism boost effects pedal is designed as the ultimate tone shaping tool for any players, the PRISM is a buffer, boost, preamp, EQ and overdrive all in one beautiful and compact enclosure!
Be Advised - Possibly Low Stock
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  • Controls: Tone, Body, Boost, High/Med/Low pre-gain switch, Color/Amp/Trans circuit-select switch
  • Dimensions: 2.5″ x 4.875″
  • Required Power: 9V DC (center negative) minimum of 100mA

The PRISM was designed using a systems approach to tone shaping. While the PRISM contains many features and circuits, those circuits are precisely crafted to work in harmony with each other to create a unique tone shaping tool with unrivaled flexibility and performance!

Housed in a custom designed stainless steel enclosure that features laser engraved artwork, the PRISM is one of the few pedals on the market that looks as good as it sounds! Keep reading below to learn more about what makes the PRISM so unique!


As a boost/preamp the PRISM contains three of the most distinct voices of boosts available. A transparent clean boost with no tonal coloring (TRANS), a boost that emulates a vacuum tube amp (AMP) and finally the boost circuit that started it all, the silicon treble booster (COLOR). These three circuits represent over 50 years of guitar effects from the earliest guitar pedal ever made to the more modern transparent voiced circuits.


The PRISM is a true bypass pedal featuring our own silent switching circuitry and uses relays with a soft touch momentary contact footswitch to accomplish the bypass. We chose relay bypass because it is far more reliable than traditional mechanical true bypass methodologies and the relays themselves boast a lifespan of over 100,000 cycles!

Overall, the Prism provides three contrasting but equally useful boost modes. A great-sounding active EQ stage and well-chosen drive presets further expand the pedal’s formidable range.