OYO JF-301 Rated Boost Pedal Buyers Review (March 2021)

OYO JF-301 Rated Boost Pedal

OYO JF-301 Rated Boost Pedal

  • ✔ Features High, Low, Volume & Drive Control Knobs
  • ✔ True Bypass Switching
  • ✔ Control Cover - Stops Accidentally Changing Settings
  • ✔ Small Size - Great For Busy Pedalboards
OYO JF-301 Rated Boost mini guitar effects pedal is a pure clean boost pedal that just make everything you do sound better.
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  • Input Impedance: 1M
  • Output Impedance: 10K
  • Running Current: 18mA
  • Power: DC 9V adapter
  • Dimensions: 73(L) * 43(W)* 50(H)mm

The Joyo JF-301 Rated Boost is here to push your amp to beautiful overdriven overtones while maintaining your guitar’s inherent natural sound. The Rated Boost is a clean boost which is best used with clean amps.

With +-12dB active low/high EQ, the Rated Boost pedal can deliver a little bit of drive for great open chords depending on the guitar. As a low-gain unvoiced exciter, it has a very high tone reproduction, which provide fully faithful expression for your guitar sound. Rated Boost features high & low two-stage EQ adjustment and volume & drive adjustment. Dial in crystal clear volume or add a little dirt and EQ to take it up a notch for your tasty solo.

One special feature of the Ironman series is the cover that flips over the controls to protect your carefully dialed in settings from getting changed accidentally. This is a pedal you just switch on and leave on. It improves your tone by miles. The Rated Boost is preferably used with really clean amps. It is also a perfect pedal to make your solos stand out.