MXR M296 Classic 108 Fuzz Pedal Buyers Review (March 2021)

MXR M296 Classic 108 Fuzz Pedal

MXR M296 Classic 108 Fuzz Pedal

  • ✔ Vintage Tone
  • ✔ Features Output & Fuzz Control Knobs
  • ✔ Buffer Switch Makes Fuzz Play Nice With Wah Pedals
  • ✔ Beautiful Turquoise Fuzz Face Hammertone Finish
The MXR M296 Classic 108 Fuzz guitar effects pedal gives you all the same vintage fuzz tones in a much smaller footprint.
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  • BC108 Fuzz Face Circuit in the MXR Mini Housing
  • Controls for volume and fuzz
  • Buffer switch
  • Bypass footswitch
  • Status LED
  • Metal housing
  • Original turquoise Fuzz Face Hammertone finish
  • True bypass
  • Input and output: 6.3 mm mono jack
  • Power supply via enclosed 9 V DC power supply (Dunlop ECB 003, 2.1 x 5.5 mm coaxial connection, polarity (-) inside)
  • Power consumption 2.2 mA
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 90 x 40 x 55 mm
  • Weight: 130 g

Fuzz pedals like the Classic 108 Mini can give you some of the same characteristics of distortion, such as long sustain and extra harmonic richness.

Like its larger predecessor, it’s loaded with the silicon BC-108 transistor for a round and dirty crunch. This Classic 108 Fuzz also has the same no-nonsense control interface—just crank the Volume and Fuzz controls to your liking and start riffing. Use the Buffer switch on the side to make the fuzz play nice with wah pedals.

Overall it’s a great sounding pedal that doesn’t cost the earth or take up much space on your pedal board. Well worth considering if you’re looking for a sound that plays nice with wah pedals.